It’s today!!!! Finally Pamela Anderson is coming into the house.

But first, the daily show. We start today with more task time…again. Ben and Brigitte are singing while they’re doing the dishes and *click click* even Alice stopped her workout to help out. And for what? An absolutely ugly Amy Winehouse pops into the rewards area, not that the real one is all that good looking. Here, see for yourself.

It’s time for the vending machine. This week, they could get coffee, an inddor tennis set, a message for Terri from her hubby and a professional hair stylist to cut, colour and style Alice and Brigitte’s hair. This also included hair products for the house. You’d think that Cherry, as head of house, would get the hair package just for the products but surprisingly, he gets the indoor tennis set for the boys and nanna Terri’s letter. AWWW…how sweet. Terri goes off to read her letter alone but the housemates eventually com over and Brigitte remarks that “It’s only one sentence” ROFL. Brigitte obviously feels ripped off and is all sulky so Rori starts mimicking her and calls her a sook so Brigitte decides to be evil and pour chilli powder in Rori’s locker. MUAHAHAHA. So evil.

BB decides to make a deal with Alice and Brigitte because he doesn’t like cancelling appointments so the girls can have their hair stylist ^.^ …….if they give up their treadmill. Obviously Alice would never do that, so too bad =(

You can see their BROWN roots

Ben is washing the dishes again…and washing himself too…EWWW. He had the pots near his armpits so some of the water he washes himself with his bouncing into the pot and then the plates get the water from his chest…I hope he doesnt plan on washing anywhere below the waist. But of course, BB can’t let Ben waste anymore water. BB tells all the housemates to go to the lounge EXCEPT Ben. Then BB starts to close the shutter doors they have for house lockdowns but Ben sneaks under them whilst they’re closing. BB stops them halfway and says to Ben that he’s not invited. LOL. Rejected by BB…and Ben says piss off but ends up going out. Then BB announces that Ben will be sleeping in the kombi tonight but Ben only has his boardies on so he finds a pink t-shirt, some trackies and a coat that smelt like noodles to wear. Poor boy. But he starts acting out and starts hitting pots complaining how BB treats him badly and how he gets picked on. Hmm…not a wise move. BB feels that he has attitude problems and the next morning, tells Ben that he will spend time in solitude 😮 Now Ben must live in the kombi until further notice. I LOVE the kombi. Makes people suffer. Hehe.

The housemates are used to grenades now, but how will they handle a bombshell?

IT’S PAMELA ANDERSON!!!!!!11 Pamela walks to the eviction stage place in these really short white shorts and a white top (someone please pour some water onto her) and her twins are bouncing along as she walks. So Kyle and Jackie introduce her to some Aussie terms. Trackie dacks which she thought were transvestites. LOOOOL. But she knew spooning was like cuddling….haha…the housemates might ask to spoon her. Then Pamela did the splits while wearing high heels and those short bottoms. Maybe someone was recording this at the right angle? So then Kyle was telling how about Rima and the BB people kept trying to beep out the word midget. LOL. But before she went in, Jackie told her that Ben is a little uncomfortable around women, so she asked her to flirt with Ben, screw Rori and Cherry (no, not that type of screw), and focus on Ben, especially in the showers, get close to him. HAHA.

To fill in the time, they had chats with the relatives of the housemates up for nomination. I jsut have to say that I feel sorry for Rori’s mum. She watches Big Mouth (basically BB uncut) and closes her eyes everytime Rori’s on but the comment Rori made about having been with more than 70 women….LOL….a mum does not need to hear this about her child.

Back in the house, Kyle and Jackie are talking to the housemates in pairs and when they talked to Brigitte and Terri, they aked how they would feel if the other one left. Terri said she would be sad, as expected, and Brigitte said “Of course I would be sad. Terri’s my house mum.” AWWWW…that’s so sweet. *sniff*

OOOooo…Eric’s back. He came to say once again that he and Brigitte were never in any committed relationship. So its probably just friends with benefits? And he says all this stuff like, “If shes happy, I’m happy” and “I just want whats best for her” and that he wishes them well…what a cop-out. I wanna see rage. RAWR. But then Kyle says that he’s heard another rumour and the FRICKIN BB people decide to beep that bit out…what losers.

Time for the eviction AND BRIGITTE GOT SNAPPED….NOOOOoooooo…I was really starting to like her (bk201 must be crushed) She says that she’s learnt that clothes aren’t everything. And Brigitte got a little hysterical when Kyle brought up the boyfriend again. Even though they never called him by name, Kyle described him as the guy with big arms and the v-neck and Brigitte’s like, yep, that’s him. But Jackie tells her that they’re not gonna ambush her and bring him out then suddenly Kyle goes AND HERE HE IS….haha, funny man, and it got Brigitte freaked out a bit. Kyle blames the weak producer for not letting him bring out Eric. DAMN YOU PRODUCER…GRRR.

Oh No!! I don\'t want to go

HOMG…BB sounded like such a pedo/stalker when he said “Ms. Anderson, or may I call you Pamela” and at the end he said “One more thing, love your dress” cause she had changed into a red dress.

*click click* and Pamela appears in the rewards window as a celebrity the housemates must take photos of for the task. Alice was the first to say “Is that really her?” and Cherry is like “Not a chance”….shows what he knows. Most of them don’t think it was the real deal but Alice has a keen eye. So Rori gets called to the diary room and VOILA!! Pamela Anderson is sitting on the diary room chair. He gives her a great big hug then sits up close to her and had his arm around her at a point. Also snuck a few unsubtle stares at her boobs but you can’t help but do that. (And Bianca felt objectified…) So BB tells Rori to escort her out and they go out holding hands. Rori must be very happy. Hehe. BB makes him the tour guide and gets him to show her around the house. The bedroom first, of course, with the big orgy bed where Rori wants some time alone with Pamela. (Keep dreaming boy, he is sticking to her like glue.) Then the housemates go to the banquet room for dinner and Pamela goes straight for the champagne. She’s sitting at the head of the table and it looked like she had a bunch of questions. Maybe family dinner time? Watch/come here to read what happens on BB tomorrow.


All right, that’s all the BB I can type today.

Bye Bye ^.^