Rara *cough* ra.

I’ve decided that so you guys don’t get bored, I’ll throw in a little variety. Rather than making this whole week about BB and DBSK, I’ll be adding other stuffs too. Today…hmmm…what to put up? I’ve decided that today will be H.O.T member Tony An. Hot is one way to describe him but in the video today, I think the words cute, adorable and hilarious suit him better.

Again, this comes from a long time ago (I promise I’ll put some 2008 stuff later) and it’s from a show called X-Man. Basically, at the start of the show, there’s a MOLE…:o  And his/her job is to not be discovered at the end of the show but he must also sabotage his team in the various games they play. There are two teams btw. But this clip is near the end of the show where there are couple selections. Basically, the guy celebs do some sort of performance, whether it be singing, dancing etc. to try and impress a girl celeb they wanna pick to be coupled with them. There are more guys than girls, 5 to 3, so they have to impress her. This is such a cute performance (or maybe I’m just childish) and you gotta watch.

YAY Candy plus two-fifths of H.O.T. I love the costume and the song too, it’s so lively and happy ^.^  And LOL at Kang Ho Dong and his fail attempt and his monster-ness. Aww…but poor Tony’s bum, he looked like a spastic little kid and then suddenly collapses.

Why can’t Australia have more shows like this? I’m missing out on all these funny shows while I’m stuck with stuff like It Takes Two and Dancing With the Stars. Other than that, I can’t think of any more celebrity-guests shows off the top of my head and they’re not all that good. 😦   At least there’s Youtube…

Okay, time for me to sleep some more so I can get better. Bye Bye ^.^