Rise and Shine, it’s paparazzi time. ^.^

Poor Brigitte, she seemed so sleepy as she and Alice were the first pair of the day. Alice tries to start a conversation while staying in character, saying stuff like ‘I hear you’re from the New York Times’ but Brigitte can only nod or shake her head. Then the sound of cameras clicking and paparazzi yelling comes and Brigitte’s up and energised…WOW, amazing. Travis ended up finding Matthew Mcconaughey in the bathroom Travis getting really good at this.

Don\'t they look like scientists?

So the boys are cooking…LOL…Ben has a wooden spoon taped to his head. I wonder how he’s gonna rip it off? It’s gonna hurt…a lot…like a wax…ouch. So they’re making a cake and it has FRUIT LOOPS!!! Rori is using a pestle and mortar to help make the cake. The cake has finished baking and its taste test time. Travis says it tastes good (but what else would a posimistic person say?) but then discovers this green bit inside the cake. 😮 Rori put veggies into his fruit loops cake?!?!?! Travis goes all rara on Rori and starts to chase him…HAHA, gotta love Travis.

Cherry + Brigitte update. It ain’t looking so good for the two. Cherry wants to see that Paris Hilton look-a-like again. Big Brother asks Cherry “How would you compare her to the females of the house?” and Cherry responds with “I don’t know that window girl so I’d rather hang with Brigitte but if I could see the window girl again, I could make up my mind.” How horrible. He would ditch Brigitte at the first sign of a hotter girl.

Back to the task, so the pair of housemates must always remain within two metres of each other when on patrol and whilst Rori and brigitte were together, Brigitte said that she’s gonna cuddle her bears. Looks like Cherry ain’t getting much cuddling action. *hint hint bk201 who so happens to be near the Bb house* Later on, Rori and Brigitte get tied to each other and Rori decides to drag Brigitte on her backside around the backyard and through the sand pit. LOL She was screaming so much.

Since Ben is stuck with his bucket, he’s using that big brain of his and pretends, while he is filling up his bucket from the sink hose, that it’s out of control and sneaks in a quick shower. Later on, Ben and Rori are in the spa talking about how Travis actually said he came to the BB house to win the money 😮 Then Ben gets out and takes a shower using the outdoor one. BIG NO NO. Ben AND Rori get called to the diary room and Rori says the “I tried to stop him BB” but the wrath of BB comes in the form of another housemate having to suffer bucket showers ie. Rori. MUAHAHA.

Btw, atm, on the online poll, Rori appears to be getting the most eviction votes, followed closely by Alice so most likely, one of them will go. I will laugh if it’s Rori and he walks out of the house only to see Pamela Anderson walking in.