I love DBSK. Especially Yunho….*daydreams*

*sigh* Okay, as I was saying, I love DBSK and I’d just like to show you all some Korean stuffs I’ve found amusing and hilarious on those many nights I’ve spent Youtubing. Hopefully, I’ll be doing this for this week and I hope you guys like it all.

Now, there’s no better place to start than with DBSK. I was introduced to these boys a bit over one and a half years and have been loving them ever since. First, the members. There’s Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, Junsu, Yoochun but today in the vids, you’ll only see three of them, Yunho, Changmin and Yoochun but I know you’ll absolutely love them cause they’re so funny apart from being such good singers.

The vids I post up today are from quite a while ago, like two years ago, but its still a really good laugh. These are cuts from a show called Yashimmanman, YSMM for short, and basically, every week, netizens would be able to vote for what question they want answered. Then, a group of celebrities would come in and try to give the top 5 answers and if its wrong, they get blown in the face by this really strong gust of air. The stories the celebrities tell will move you to tears or hysteria (at least it did for me).

So the question was “What my girlfriend doesn’t really know about me.”

HAHAHA. Changmin and his ‘special videos’. You have to love this boy. He’s so innocent when he says all that. The length, the visual impressions AHAHA. But his mum…poor woman, it’s normally your mum that embarasses you in public, but this time, it’s the opposite way around. Oh, Changmin…please watch good videos. But this made me think….I think it’s pretty safe to assume that bk201 is one of those 99.9% of people. ^.^

LOL. Poor Yunho. His weight distribution was so screwed up. I’m glad he doesn’t have his ‘man boobs’ anymore. Btw, this doesn’t relate to the question but it’s funny to know these things. HAHA…maybe I’ll steal Yoochun’s phone and try to find those pictures. If his chest was squeezed other people would think he was a girl…I wonder if we could do that to anyone else…anyways…back to the point. YSMM is so funny but too bad you guys can’t see them get blown in the face. I suggest you watch the whole episode but if you don’t like sad things, skip over the parts about Yoochun’s family and Yunho’s jobs.

Okay, that pretty much does it for today, I would’ve posted more but I’m kind of sick and the medicine is making me sleepy so maybe another time.

Bye bye ^.^