Wow, my first post alone without bk201…give me support guys, tell your friends to read please.  ^.^

Okay, let’s get into it. The housemates are yelling out their goodbyes to Bianca after she’s evicted and Ben decides to comment to Rori that the crows are dying..dying..dying and the blonde mice are ruling the house. Then he gets slightly annoyed at Alice for getting saved four times and Rori says that there’s nothing they can do about it but Ben says that there is something we can do…if you know what I mean. Oooo…big no no, he got busted by BB since it was suggestive of nominations so he got warned and threatened with a second strike.

Bianca’s fairwell message and hand grenade. To Brigitte, GET WITH CHERRY. Yes, we all agree. Those two need to take it to the next level. But on with the grenade. Bianca says that Ben is the worst spooner ever. He’s a rotten spooner so she’s gonna give him the wooden spoon. No, it doesn’t mean he has to spoon with a housemate every night, although that would have been good to see as Alice and Terri are the only female housemates that aren’t taken. Could’ve seen some nanna action. But now, Ben is the house cook with the kitchen slackers Travis, Brigitte and Cherry being the only ones that can assist Ben. So this means the housemates will either have crap food or starve…lose, lose either way. Too bad 😛


Alice and Brigitte are talking in bed about Cherry and Eric (Brigitte’s outside ‘boyfriend’) and Alice asks her why she likes him and Brigitte replies by saying that she doesn’t know (that’s a great sign) and that she’s never been not without him for so long. So now it seems that Cherry has plopped into Eric’s place. They were kissing in bed after BB turned off the lights. Looks like they’ll take it up a notch bvery soon.  Hey bk201, maybe if you hang around Brigitte long enough, you could be with her too.

Weekly task time. It’s paparazzi time. Everytime housemates here the sound of shouting paparazzi and cameras clicking, an image of a celebrity will be in the house somewhere. The two housemates on patrol are dressed in trenchcoats and carry a camera and will need to find the celebrity and take a picture within 90 seconds. Terri and Ben are first up and they struggled to find Brad Pitt in the wash-up area but thanks to Travis they found him. YAY.

Second up is Rori and Cherry. BB decides to make them go when Cherry was cuddling with Brigitte. What an evil person. Leave the two lovebirds alone. But they found the ‘Paris Hilton’ look-a-like (who I think looked a bit like Rihanna -the housemate) in the area where the prizes for the task usually are. However, Cherry said that she was hot and asked for her number. I think BB is purposely trying to break Cherry and Brigitte up.

So Ben gets bored…he starts chucking stuff at the water tank and BB tells him to not throw things at the water tank. 12 seconds later, naughty Ben accidently let something slip and actually broke the platic water level indicator of the water tank. He is in so much trouble now. Brigitte said that Big Brother is going to hate you now, if he didn’t already before. And so true…cause now he must make up for all the water that got wasted…4000LITRES. Ben suggests that he not flush when he goes to the toilet…EWWW. But BB has a much better idea. Until further notice, Ben is banned from the showers and must use a bucket of water to wash himself. LOOOL.

Big Brother started off nominations with a long-winded speech about nominating properly, frankly, honestly, blah blah blah. Alice nominated Cherry for 2 points at first because he wants to try and get Cherry into the Top 3 so that he can save himself cause he deserves it. BB replies with ‘That is ridiculous.’ ROFL. Owned Alice. So she ended up nominating Rori cause he was judging her about how she took the mole thing so seriously. So at the end of all this, we have four nominees: Cherry, Terri, Rori, and Ben. BUT, the nomination twist. Cherry exercises his power and who does who save? No prizes for guessing. Obviously himself, so Alice got her wish. The new nominees are as follows: Terri, Rori, Ben, Alice AND Brigitte. Typical that Travis didn’t get nominated. He hardly ever gets nomination points. I can so see him or nanna Terri winning this. My psychic predictions tell me that either Rori or Ben will go. Another of the black crows will fall.