Hello everyone.

I’m Hikaru and basically, I’ll be filling in for bk201 while he enjoys a lovely week away at the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, I’ve been conscripted but I love you all Except bk201 so I’ll be posting this week. You guys will be kept up to date with BB news, especially PAMELA ANDERSON. YAY ^.^  She’ll be busting into the house this week so look out for that. However, I’m not so pro with anime so to make up for it, I’ll be posting up some Korean stuffs.

Okay, to get things started, here’s an MV I want ALL of you to watch. *death glare* It’s called Cooking? Cooking! and its by Super Junior-H (the H stands for happy) so obviously, this is a very happy and cheery song.

This MV is so cute. I love it. It’s pretty funny. The dance at the beginning of the MV is so adorkable. I think all the SuJu-H boys are holding frying pans while they’re dancing. And the ugga-ugga. LOOOOOOOL.

So this song is basically about a girlfriend who is really pretty, but the bad thing is that she can’t cook. So it goes on about how it tastes really bad and stuff but the girlfriend goes to cooking lessons and one day she invites him to dinner and the food is really delicious. Hooray for happy ending.

And I love the little cloud that comes up when Kangin takes a poopy. Haha, if only they had a cute cloud like that pop up during BB Big Mouth so that their dangly bits that hang aren’t shown. Even though my parents would be like WTF?? everytime they here me laughing from my room.

But the girl at 1.41, talk about split personality…*glare*—->*your so cute*  Although I would agree, Leeteuk is better than Kangin. One more thing, Shindong (the fat horizontally enhaced one). Is it just me or is that hair really blergh?

Oh well, this song is still so cheery and cute and happy and really really good. Listen to it pwease *irresistable puppy dog eyes*.

Okay, that’s me for today. Bye bye ^.^

…Nah, I love bk201 too.