Cherry and Brigitte have finally become closer, as they start to snuggle up, and have fun. In bed they were playing with Brigitte’s soft toys, making sex poses and just mucking around with them. About time 🙂 Alice still sees them as mates..weird as she sleep right next to them..

After Alice exited the diary room, Bianca entered without pushing the bell, so BB sends her out. Bianca just sits pissed by the fact she has to back out again, so she walks out and slams the diary room door. Then BB said ‘Due to a maintenance problem,the diary room is out of bounds.’ This sent Bianca into another fit of rage, spitting out bad words all over. First time I’ve seen the diary room slammed.

All the housemates were gathered around the question mark couch to discuss a few questions in this card, as it was raining for the past day. The housemates become news reporters for BB News. Brigitte’s section of the news was feeling her breasts to see the weather forecast, obviously copied from the movie ‘Mean Girls’ but it was good of her to allude to it. A question was if you were to write a book, what would it be titled and what would it be about. Bianca’s was ‘Anger Management’, what not to do. Cherry suggested ‘How to put on a G size Bra.’ then Bianca was like ‘How to put a on bra hat.’ Then the housemates talked about if it was fair if intruders won BB. Ben said it was fair because Cherry did the same things to get here, whilst Rory said that the originials have had to endure more than intruders. I’m leaning towards Rory’s side as I feel intruders get a free ticket.

Pimping up the kombi van once again. Housemates were given lots of masking tape, and lots of spray pain. They pretty much grafittied the kombi van, and it looks awesome. They added hand prints at the top of it.

I really feel sorry for Ben. He’s very lost when it comes to girls. First he’s embarassed that he’s gonna look gay for not being able to spoon properly, then later he was talking to Bianca about her dresses, and then he slipped in something on the lines ‘dresses don’t look good on girls.’ Then Rory’s is like ‘dude you just offended all the women in Australia.’ Poor Ben. In my opinion, dresses don’t always work for every woman. Bianca definitely needs to where a dress or else her breasts are gone to waste. Then you have Alice who are a waste in a dress. Ben did say he liked Bianca’s white dressed but thought her black one is cliched to death.

And yes they passed the task! Just…

Sadly, Australia evicted the boobs,the brain, the bitch. Bianca’s been a great housemate. Her fits of rage have made BB so much fun to watch. Second favourite housemate after Nobbi for me. So mature in how she contains herself. Hope she fixes her temper in the future.

With Pamela Anderson coming in on Wednesday, someone’s going out on Wednesday, and lets say its Rory.

I’m out for the week, going away for 5 days, so I’ll have my friend fill in on all the BB news, and he will also be a contributor on the site. His interests are somewhat different to mine but we’re mates 🙂

bk201 loves me too. ^.^