BB played a joke on Rory. For the task, BB played Rory’s theme music whilst he was buried in the sand, so the housemates were hurrying to dig him out. Previously, they were talking about digging through the world, after Brigitte went ‘I wonder we could dig though the world.’ Then Travis goes Dig to china…i wonder where that saying comes from.

Bianca and her spooning with Ben…stops as Ben says he will spoon Bianca on Saturday as it might be her ‘last night.’ So Bianca is gonna spoon a broom instead of Travis, as Travis is impossible to spoon. What an insult =o

Housemates cut stuff out of cardboard to pass time. Cutting things to represent housemates, like Cherries for Cherry. Bianca made a spooning one that looked really funny. Then we had Rory’s of Rima, with a knife stabbed in the back of her. ‘Backstabber.’ Imaginative isn’t it? Too bad BB classified it as ‘offensive.’ Its a joke as we know but BB does whatever he pleases, so we don’t have the backstabber cut out anymore T_T.

FNL again for another week. I LOVE NEW YORK NIGHT! Celebrating Independence Day! Housemates all dressed up as baseball players.

The first game was a taxi ride through NY of course. Each team had a taxi car to travel in, crossing the Hudson River, crossing a rocking bridge, crashing wall streak, passing through time square, weaving through downtown and finishing at the statue of liberty. The teams were Rory, Brigitte Bianca and Travis vs Cherry Ben Alice and Terri. The first two people of the taxi were blindfolded and had to keep making honk noises for the duration of the task. No good stacks =[ Cherry Ben Alice and Terri crawled their way to the next round, thanks to being 2nd to do the task.

Second Chances were given to the other team. To win their way back in, they had to audition at Broadway. Bianca had to act like an angry Italian Chef angry at a customer not happy with her recipe. SHe was really good at it. Next was Travis with his proposal to his girlfriend Doris. He sang a proposal but was supposed to act. Hmmmmm singing made it funny. Then Rory with his jester act, 1minute stand up comedy. He had some ok jokes, which were good with the accompanied cymbal clashes. His finale was his Why did the chicken cross the Road Joke, ending with a whoopee cushion in his pants. Brigitte had to try out for a musical role as a cowboy…yes all she did was go ‘yayayaya’ and kept looking at her watch. It was funny! As expected Bianca and Travis got into the next round

Hot Dog Baseball. Roll your sausage around the baseball ball bases, collecting sauces, then putting your sausage in a bun with some onions and finishing a home run. Bianca was Cherry’s and Travis’ sausage. Hilarious as Bianca has speed bumps! They still beat the other team Ben Terri and Alice, as they had to go get more onions after BB wanted more onions. Bad Breath as Bree said.

Parallel Parking was very unexpected. Golf Buggies along a curb. They had to reverse park between two golf buggies, with limited space between. Cherry beasted it, without hitting anything. Then we had Travis. Oh god how did he get his license when he went over the curb and even hit the fire hydrant! Funny! Then Bianca was taking it slow and steady, she managed to park faster than Travis. Bianca and Cherry into the finals!

Then the final was very cool. Cherry and Bianca were caterpillars and they had to race through Madison Square Garden, worming through flowers and eating through an apple to emerge as the winner. Cherry had this hands down as he humped( yes certainly looked like it) to the finish line, as Bianca struggled rolling and pushing her way forward. Cherry wins again….boo. I don’t want him to win next week. It’ll just be sad.

The mystery prize he wins is a Banquet…not really a banquet after what we have seen on the table…with 3 other housemates. Sharing it around again, picking Alice Ben and Rory as they a big eaters. American Banquet…with lots of hotdogs and yea fat stuff.