Yes we meet the ‘thing’ that Medusa wants let out of prsion. ‘The man of demoneye’ as she calls him, or as he calls himself ‘Free’ is immortal. Yes immortal. How imba is that! How will our heroes fair against this force? Well, knowing anime is anime, they will kill the immortal somehow.

The effect of the blackblood on Soul is getting worse, as Soul gives in to gain more power. In the episode, we saw Soul trying to hold back trying to eat Maka’s soul. Soul was still able to be sane, eventhough looking so evil with his jaggy uneven teeth! And for once, Blackstar and Tsubaki did something SMART! Chopping an arm off at the right time! It was funny seeing Free own himself with his magic. It was good that they incorporated that being locked up for 200years will make your magic skills suck 😀

Good episode, can’t wait for the test they are gonna have next week! So much blood in the preview =o