Today’s show was all focused on the mole! And we see the damaging fall out Rima left with her ‘secret mission’ handgrenade.

The speculation finally ended when all the housemates pretty much decided the mole was Brigitte (even Brigitte chose herself to prove she’s not the mole!!) And yes, we’re at home laughing at the poor people accusing each other of being moles.  I thought they would take it easy after Rima told them there was no mole, but Bianca pretty much blew up, took her rage against the washing of Terri’s. Crash it went into the ground. RARA! Most housemates took it easy. Ben was complaining that it’s psychological torment! You’re in a house, you’re like guinee pigs. You must suffer 😀 Watching people suffer like this is interesting, but you still feel bad in a little way.

Brigitte is so fake, that she’s not. It’s good that the housemates know she isn’t fake! I sense the housemates will outrage when they realise they wasted the vending machine money on crappy clues.

Nothing much to talk about. It’s gonna be a boring house until Pamela Anderson comes in.