This episode was kind of random. Only a few important things happened, such as Britannia making its moves to gain more control though countries and then overthrowing Zero. We finally get to see Jeremiah’s Geass, which is an ‘Anti Geass.’ It’s an Area of Effect Geass, like Rolo’s but it cancels any Geass effects on anyone. So Shirley was affected by Jemiah’s and now she remembers Lelouch being Zero. Trouble for Lelouch! We are sadly going to see the downfall of Lelouch soon enough! I don’t think anyone can match this geass.

Other than those two things. Milly’s graduation event ‘Cupids Day’ forced Lelouch’s double Sayako to run around like a gymnast avoiding people takier her hat!  Very unfair on Sayako. 1vs at least 500 people. In the end, Shirley took Lelouch’s hat (they switched again) And there’s a ‘OMG NO LOVE SCENE’ love scene. Really random episode I think but still worth watching.