Oh gosh, the daily show has just been about MOLES and MOAR MOLES! I find it interesting how some housemates have taken this so seriously

Rory has become involved so much, he’s talked to everyone saying he thinks its Alice, most housemates agreeing with him for the sake of agreeing I think. But then he’s like we should just vote Alice out. And then to Alice, Rory says its Ben. So much backstabbing in the house. Terri let Alice know what Rory’s been doing, seeing the backstabbing he’s! We have Terri and Alice suspecting Rory more and more. The main two suspects now have been Alice and Rory. It’s funny because they suspect one person, but then they think about and its someoneelse. Bianca said something worth listening to ‘there might not be a mole.’ Nothing on the daily show has questioned Rima’s motives. They all think Rima comes in all goodness. Yes….she has a mission. Housemates need to think about why BB put a mole in.

Bianca’s way of solving the mole problem….well doesn’t really solve. Truthfully handshaking and letting the person do whatever to them if they are the mole. Ben is like ‘I am not the mole and if I am, you can punch me in the face’ Bianca says ‘Can i kick you in the balls?!’ ‘Yes.’ Everyone housemates is gonna do that, even if there was a mole. Mole won’t own up anytime soon. I really want someone to assume the role of mole and just say they are the mole, to stir everyone up. Or even someone could ask BB to be the mole.  Reading some news, they used the vending machine money for mole clues….they will realise its been a waste and that they could’ve got the dinner and surfing magazines.  I can’t wait for the looks on their faces when someone tells them there is no mole. Gotta wait another 1-2 days to see how the housemates will decide on a mole.

Bianca and Ben got some time in the kombi. Very good I thought. After being shown how to spoon, thanks to Rima, he tried it on Bianca, but was very unsure of what he was doing. Being unsure was funny because it sounded so stupid, then Bianca, the spoonee had to teach him ‘see there are no gaps.’  Failure to spoon probably attributed to not liking the spoonee. Ben is weird. He should just let loose unless he’s actually telling the truth about not liking Bianca. Watching a fake relationship form is just stupid =o

MOLES! Fun I say! Fake Speculation! The reaction to the truth will be just as awesome as Brigitte’s face when Terrence entered the house.