Yes the episode has finally come again!

So the story continues. Chizuko trying to find Twenty on the island! Ken is already on the island. Chizuko aunt and Tome walk to their accommodation and hear that someone has been killed. They walk past Ken on the way, but Chizuko remains silent after receiving a signal.  Chizuko then find Ken, and we see Ken kinda of rage because he thinks Twenty abandoned him. Chizuko is all confused. Poor girl. Then later at night, Chizuko goes out into the dark, trying to find Ken again. She sees the blue light from the gem she saw in the movie. So she followed. Followed into the old laboratory on the island….and then she meets this women…who’s like Terminator…not made of metal at least. She can bend her back! Shoot her arm out. LOL. Now here we’re thinking, Chizuko is really gonna die. That women reveals she’s an experiment of the war as she straps Chizuko on the dissecting table. Then Ken enters the scene to save Chizuko. Ken gets owned, but Chizuko has devised a way to own that women. We don’t really know the relation of that women to Twenty, but we can only guess that she adores Twenty…since she’s like ‘you can’t steal his smile’ or something. Very unclear what her intentions were. Out to take her legacy I guess. Then they are on the way back to Japan wooo. Her Aunt attempts to kill Chizuko, but fails….pushing Chizuko off the boat…very bad idea =p

Next episode is still under a blanket, but it’ll probably be Chizuko finding a hunch and then investigating it. WE WANT TWENTY BACK NAOOO!