Yet again we have another boring daily show. The housemates attempt to ‘replace’ Nobbi but really fail, and cause Terri and Terrence to be upset,although the both tried to endure the night all soaked. Cherry and Ben were cooking up a plan, getting to have smells wafting into the kombi…smells of cooking prawn heads or burning hair..yuck! Anyway, BB told them off. What i forgot to say yesterday was that they also threw flour in. Bad bad housemates. Housemates were banned from doing pranks directed towards the kombivan. Every cloud has a silver lining! Terrence and Terri were able to clean out the kombi, cleaning up Nobbi’s mess =o

Pissed as Terri was, on the way to the showers, Terri screamed words such as ‘ITS A GOOD MORNING TO SUN BAKE!!!’ I thought it was good of her to retaliate. Pissed the housemates because they got to sleep at about 6am. The sun came up it seems.

The Family Dinner was the only hightlight of the evening. Housemates discussed who would be the last two housemates , seeing as their favourites Renee and Nobbi were evicted. Most responded with Terri/Travis…and the occasionaly Brigitte…most people not wanting to Brigitte be in the last two but think she will. I think she will. I hope Travis goes soon. He’s just too weird. Other topics were who is under the radar? Alice and Ben picking each other, like always, Brigitte agreeing with Ben. Yes I’ve noticed Alice doing nothing in the house! LIKE NOTHING! Rory then says that Alice was either exercising or cleaning. Never doing anythingelse! Rory picks Travis, for not venting…Travis taking it as a compliment…

The train spotting. Bianca and Alice were on some sightseeing. They examined the wild housemates in their natural habitats. Predators came out of the house! They took a fancy at looking at the ‘Cherry,’ commenting on his body. Then they were waiting for ‘Cherry’ to accidentally undress…but the opportunity never came.