Yet another bland daily show, only housemates making it fun were Brigitte and Cherry.

The vending machine this week offered some limited edition items…Grenade Reversals. Shame on Big Brother for allowing housemates to reverse their hand grenades. It’s a HANDGRENADE…it’s supposed to leave a lasting impact…it’s no longer a HANDGRENADE anymore. SOOOOO ANGRY!!!!!!!! Let’s give the housemates reversals when NOBBI got evicted…how conincidental?!?! Freaking ridiculous. I’m happy Bianca got hers reversed, I’m fine with Cherry’s reversal but I’m not happy about Brigitte’s one…seriously, Brigitte really doesn’t deserve anything back, especially what she did to Terri and Terrence in the Kombi. Not cool. BB seems to favour Brigitte. NOT COOL!

The train task, funny seeing Terri in school uniform. Brigitte and Terri were waiting to go to school today yay. They even had their packed lunches! It was good that Brigitte got anchovy paste sandwich. She just chucked it away, unlike Terri who ate her peanut butter sandwich. Rory and Ben were also catching the train, probably from school to home. From some images, seems Rory is bullying Ben. XD

The thing between Cherry and Brigitte. Cherry knows he’s alright with this relationship thing, but he notices Brigitte flinching every opportunity Cherry wants to hang out with him. Shame for Cherry. However Ben and Bianca, I see hooking up, despite housemates saying he doesn’t like her. Ben was talking to Rory outside about how he’s been cloest to Bianca than any other relationship, and Rory is like ‘yea you to look good.’ Then Bianca comes out and sits between them. Yes, as they kinda doze off, Ben has his arm around Bianca. Awwww

Cherry and Brigitte. Sneaky and cheeky they are, decided to stir up Terri and Terrence. First by chucking balls at the Kombi. The nomads noticed but by Terrence’s command, they showed no pain! So they picked it up a notch, Brigitte opened the door and made animal noises. Likewise, TnT just soldiered on. Then they went overboard. It’s a cold night and you still wanna wet people! SO they hosed kombi, then Brigitte sprayed the inside. Mean! MEAN! No respect for TnT! Just as bad when you don’t ask TnT what they wanted from the vending machine. I didn’t like how they sprayed TnT. However, I did like it when they put the cow into bed next to Travis, and made it look like he was sleeping with it. THe hilarious part was when Travis woke up and screamed his head off at the huge thing he was sleeping next to. Classic! Just as good when he scared Terri a few weeks back.

Rima is coming back on Sunday! At last! Missing 2months of BB, she can’t win money but she’s on a mission. I wonder what it is =p

And then we have Pamela Anderson joining the house, for an unknown period of time. Apparently there is going to be a Mid Week Eviction, then she will be replacing that evicted housemate. Note 9th July on your calenders =p

I will also add that the only probable reason Pamela Anderson is coming in is to bring ratings back up. BB is already suffereing without Nobbi, and it goes to show =p

And may i say again, nothing on the daily show was about ALICE ALICE BORING ALICE VOTE HER OUT YOU WON’T EVEN NOTICE SHE’S IN THE HOUSE!