Some housemates are feeling other housemates are ‘doing their heads in.’ The content has become kinda boring without Nobbi’s presence, and that has kind of started doing my head in. Terrence and Brigitte have kinda of carried on the Nobbi legacy for making trouble I guess, but won’t match it T_T

The Travis and Rory situation. In the bedroom, Rory was saying how Travis was doing his head in, and Brigitte agreed as well, then Travis enters the bedroom, overhearing some things about him, and Rory just admits Travis is annoying him. Later in the kitchen, Travis is concerned so he talks to Brigitte, and she advises that he should leave them alone for a day, and it will go away. Clearly Travis ignored what she said and went for the direct approach. A lovely chat on the lounge. I read their conversation prior to the daily show. The daily show footage was dodgy. Rory’s annoyed at Travis being all naive and being all possimistic. I would get annoyed by someone like Travis. What is Travis gonna do when someone loses their close friend? Make them happy? No…. Travis has always been the person who avoids conflicts and wants to be EVERYONES FRIEND!!!! That’s what he told Rory, and Rory asks Travis if anything about him annoys him. Travis like always sugarcoats and then finally spits out the words. Anyway, I like how Rory says Travis has ‘textbook’ answers. It’s hilarious. But from now on, I will predict everything Travis will say, and do. It won’t be too hard =p He’s doing my head in!!

Now Terri has started to open up about Bianca and her bitching. Personally I find Bianca’s bitching fun to listen. But what Terri said in the Kombi van about Bianca was so wrong. Terri was saying that Bianca only cried yesterday because Nobbi left and wanted sympathy, and then further justifying she’s an attention seeker. Who wouldn’t have felt for Bianca, she lots Nobbi, the awesome big brother in the house. Like as if Bianca would use such a stupid strategy to stay in the house. Yes we know Bianca has a short temper, but that’s how she is and she’s trying to change. Bitch about it to Bianca and she will erupt on your face, and even crush you Terri! She’s young, GIVE HER TIME!

Now the Big Brother Task has really given the great entertainment. The weekly task is notorious for matching up the most unlikely couples, but then you have the rigged couples, like Renee and Nathan in the dance task. Well, I’m glad Big Brother put Brigitte and Terrence together to wait to get on a train for a footy game. In their ‘Tigers’ team colours, they waited for the train.  KNowing how Terrence and Brigitte click together, this turned out to be a disaster. Terrence started to cheer ‘Tigers Tigers’ and Brigitte went right behind him and deafened the poor block ‘Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Terrence was gonna fight back, and he just kept chanting and chanting, pissing the shits out of Brigitte. The best part of this was when Brigitte started her raging spree. First it started with the foam esky, which see totally mutilated trying to chuck at Terrence. Then she grew in strength, chucking the bench into the garden! RAWR SHE GOES!! And it didn’t stop there, she pulled pot plants out of the ground onto the platform, scattering soil and plants!!! RAGE!!!! Other housemates were hysterical after hearing the news of her rage spree. Sigh of relief came when the train popped out of its station….only to be told by BB it is the wrong train, forcing the two to wait more. Brigitte threatened to move off the platform. RAGE!

The Kombi has a new snazzy….I mean grey look. Very Grey, looked likes its just been wrapped in aluminium foil. But none the less, the pimped kombi would have never suited the Grey Nomads Terri Terrence. Nothing on the daily show but the housemates noticing the stick figure on the kombi represented housemates, as pointd and named one by one. I thought it looked pretty cool One stick figure had many strands of hair- obviouslly Rory’s. We have still go to see the time when the housemates don’t bring food outside. Read some stuff on the website, saying the housemates attempted but the goody goody ones…namely Alice and Travis helped Terrence and’s not like you guys will starve them for the rest of their stay…just a day XD Anyway, I felt that Nobbi’s past had been erased from the house as they changed the kombi look…noooo T_T

Might i say, there was like no focus on Alice today. SHE’S BORING . IT SHOWS!