I really enjoyed this episode. Not only did it have all the action and new knightmare frames, it had the school scenes which were just funny to watch.

Not going to delve too much in the plot, XingKe saves Tianzi, and Zero protects them with a new nightmare frame, that has the best ‘absolute defence’ in the world. Britannia turns on China, as Zero airs what one of the officials said saying Tianzi can be easily replaced to the Chinese.Britannia retreat as Zero starts to attack. Xinge Ke takes revenge on Chinese Federation for turning thier backs on him.

Meanwhile at school, Nunally’s caretaker is being Lelouch’s double, which is funny because she wears the hair and has the mask, and still looks like Lelouch…and what’s scary is the voice…is exactly the same as Lelouch. So it’s like wtf?!?

Lelouch returns to school, only to be confronted by 2 of the Knights of the Rounds who are experiencing school. More trouble for Lelouch!

Anyway sorry about lieing about the new opening and ending. THey weren’t coming that soon. The new opening will be ‘World’s End’ by Flow, didn’t really care for the Ending because its by some unknown artist. The new songs will be coming in the coming weeks, so look out for them!