I always look forward to watching this. There’s always something to keep you watching. In this episode, there was this ‘mysterious’ guy following Chizuko and Shunka, then we find out its KEN CHAN! Yay he’s back in the swing of things.

Chizuko rejects her aunts idea of going on a holiday, then goes to Shunka’s house. Meanwhile, the aunty is evil and devising plans to kill Chizuko! There Shunka makes the detective girls who go out to find Twenty Faces. Shunka finds in a magazine an actor called Tenkaiza who strangely looks like Twenty. So they go to the Tenkaiza theatre to get information. None of it was useful except the fact that everyone kept saying he’s dead =o which isn’t the case for our heroes. Finding nothing, they walk home, only to be stalked by two men after Twenty’s Legacy. Chizuko and Shunka own them in the most weird and unique ways, using a mirror to blind, and the nose moustache glasses disguise went perfectly on one of the men’s faces. That bit was funny. Shunka and Chizuko go home, with Ken following them. We learn about what happened the night Chizuko got ‘abandoned.’ Ken sees Twenty supposedly driving the vehicle taking Chizuko and Akine to a hosipital. So he is alive! Then we also learn about his past and how he’s been abandoned so many times.  Next day Chizuko and Shunka go to see a movie and strangely in the movie previews, Chizuko sees a necklace which resembled something Twenty had. Curious, she calls someone….then back at home, she kindly accepts her aunts request to go on a trip…to the island they were shooting this movie. They are on the trip yay. Ken is already at the island waiting for their arrival. Tome is with Chizuko. I wonder what will happen in the next episode. It’d be funny if Tome ran off with Chizuko. It’s gonna be the end all episodes, as the aunt decides to make this Chizuko’s ‘last vacation.’ Evil implications!! What will happen?

I hope to see Twenty…I MISS HIM SO MUCH T_T I MISSED KEN! Maybe because i knew he would come back sometime.I just hope Chizuko kills her aunt, then she can have a reason to run away etc. Can’t wait for next episode!