Long night it has been, and our champ Nobbi has been evicted! As much as i wanted him to stay, I knew he was going, and it shows when 60% of the nation voted to evict Nobbi. I don’t know if it general hate towards his personality or its plain racism? I don’t really know! But one thing for certain, we’ve lost a great character in BB house. As alot of people have said, without Nobbi, we will just watch Alice walking on the treadmill, Terri knitting, and Brigitte whinging.

Tonight’s daily show delivered again. Bianca fired up at Brigitte when she told her she wanted to make bacon and egg pasta. Brigitte went and told Alice to put all the bacon in the patties. Bianca went into the kitchen, then asked where the bacon went and then Alice said it was in the bowl. RAGE! Back to the locker room with the boys and starts bitching about Brigitte. At lunch, as soon as Bianca sat down at the table, Alice told her she didn’t like how she raged. Bianca just walked away, without eating anything. Pissy! 😀

Then we had Terrence verse Brigitte. Terrence got annoyed at Brigitte behaviour towards him as well as her respecting him. Terrence talked to her in private, but Brigitte didn’t wanna talk, like the whinging girl she is. Terrence just follows and tells everyone that Brigitte is playing the game ‘dishonourable’ by being fake, as he heard from her she’s in the house because she is ‘hated.’ Very complicated. Terrence rants on about burping in his face, calling him a freak, but the probably only good thing he said was ‘we have a head of house whose age is the same as their IQ’ yea go Terrence 😀

Cherry and Brigitte. I don’t really know whats going on here but time and time, they’ve been holding hands. Brigitte just denies by saying ‘we always hold hands’ to a question about Cherry. Ben was the onyl one noticing the hand holding in the spa, then they got foiled. Then we have Cherry and Brigitte play water fighting all around the house…Does Brigitte really miss Eric?!? If Cherry and Brigitte get anymore closer, there’s gonna be so much drama, it’ll be the next big thing after Nobbi.

The moon monk task is just hilarious. BB had Bianca recruit Terrence and she was like ‘great.’BB decided to disrupt their peaceful meetings, as he sounds the shark alarm when they just start their chants. All the housemates fled to the toilets and the Nobbi and Cherry headed to save the house from the shark. Travis came out, and it was pretty funny. I’m sure Travis would’ve realised that 6 housemates were outside in the backyard….for no strange reason. Travis woke up really quickly and quickly ran out…like…he didn’t even notice. But i guess in the end, good he didn’t foil the moon monks. The Moon Monks were determined to give the meeting another go. They get Travis into bed, then they tell Ben Rory and Travis that  if there’s another shark alarm, they wouldn’t have to wake up. Good thinking 😀 Anyway the moon monks did their chant and the shark alarm went off again. Yes we can have the running back to the toilets and then rowing to safety. Anyway, this week’s task is a success, thanks to Bianca mainly, for organising everyone! Thanks goes to Nobbi for sabotaging the shark attack task. My dad was watching him sabotage the task this week and he’s like ‘He’s crazy.’ Love Nobbi for his funny antics.

Anyway, eviction show was really weird. The Nominated were in one room, the ones that moved up into Nominations in the other. Nobbi got evicted, as you’ve read earlier, with 59% of votes going to him. I’ll jsut skip through everything…but i have to point out. Jackie’O immediately said Nobbi was cocky for being so calm……like really….thanks to Kyle who genuinely fought back saying he’s been in a kombi for 56 days!

And I’ll keep going on about Jackie’O…seriously, all she did was make herself look good, when really she probably hated Nobbi genuinely. She was complimenting Nobbi for being good entertainment, at the same time, saying Nobbi was doing cruel things and being a villain. BB portrayed Nobbi all wrong this year. The Travis and Alice incident was a result of Ben and Rory telling Nobbi that Alice ‘hated’ Travis. Nobbi also denied that he knew Travis would say Alice. Alice jumps on the Nobbi bandwagon at the Wednesday night dinner, when the question for discussion was who is the most untrustworthy housemate.  Alice said Ben, knowing everything was being blamed on Nobbi when Ben should’ve taken the blame. Sly under the radar Ben. Ben should go! Injustice I say towards Nobbi, he got the kombi van, didn’t get to go to family dinners, the dump, the 20k zimbawbe money. So unfair. So seems like the show is racist….

Now let’s reflect on Nobbi. IMO best housemate, the only reason why I bothered to watch BB. His antics were just hilarious and fun to watch. Everything was focused on him, everyday in the daily show, there would be something about Nobbi. Some people don’t even get mentioned like Ben, Alice, Rory. The jewed system that boring people win Big Brother is sad. Nobbi has just been out there, being himself, telling it like it is. Made the black crows! I’m a black crow too D: Loved the time when he put the animals around Terrence while he was meditating, then there was the time he blew up in Terri’s face about her masturbating, and the countless times he would run into the house, being fustrated about the kombi and how he doesn’t get to go in the house. So funny. And who can forgot, his sabotaging of the shark attack task, with everyone raging at him! Oh well, BB probably won’t be too interesting too watch now. There’s only Brigitte and Cherry to look forward to….hope Bianca gets the spot light,because Bianca’s awesome =p And also, the fallout of Nobbi’s eviction. Ben will probably go emo, and talk to Bianca only. Rory….I wonder what he will do.

The BB forums have gone all whacked. All the Nobbi fan’s disgusted about the results, but Australia voted, and they get what they want. People were saying if there was a save system, Nobbi wouldve 100% been saved. I’m sure the nation was divided with haters and lovers. I loved Nobbi, great housemate to watch. Will be missed alot!

I will still be watching Big Brother, but it won’t be that great to watch anymore…what do you think?