After the Soulpuuden hype, we have our Naruto for the week!

This episode revealed more about Sora’s past, about his dad and how he’s related to Asuma.

Yamato tries to do formation training but Asuma just pops up and decides suggest they train bythemselves. Asuma overlook Naruto and Sora training. Meanwhile, Tsunade and Yamato find out about Sora’s superhand and now it owned the Fire Temple. Asuma buys Sora a new claw…or rather repaired it or something.  Then we find out that Asuma killed Sora’s dad. Then the white hair dude is randomly in the town, sees Sora and approaches him, telling the relation of Asuma to him. Now that Sora is provoked, seems his hand is gonna go out of control. He threw the kunai right through the tree, so therefore huge episode in two weeks time….

WHY no NARUTO NEXT WEEK WAHWAH…they really wanna deprive us of Naruto.