Tonight was a big night, with rock and roll FNL!!

As the shark task has been going on as a decoy, Nobbi and many others have been part of the secret Moon Monks who worship the moon everynight at 2am. Knowing that failing the shark task will not affect the outcome of the task, Nobbi decides to sabotage the task even more.First he left the canoe at the laundry, filled wit water with the cow riding in it. Ben and Travis were going to save them from the shark attack, but then had to pull the canoe all the way to the beginning them row, obviously the fail, sound effects of dieing people showing their failure. SO now we have Terrence the guard of the canoe, to stop Nobbi from sabotaging.

Nobbi just runs into the canoe, Terrence Rory and Travis tell him to get out, even capsizing it. Nobbi wouldn’t leave, then the alarm came on, so Ben and Cherry just sat on top of Nobbi and tried to row, with other housemates restraining Nobbi from sabotaging. I think someone chucked flour on him. The whole thing is hilarious. The ones that don’t know think Nobbi is being mean….yes only to be revealed later….that it wasn’t the week’s task. They should be happy they don’t even have to do anything to pass the task, except try for the shark attacks.

Moon Monks, Bianca has recruited Terri and Brigitte. Brigitte is pretty please that she got recruited, since she was so curious about what they were up to. I think she realised that one side of the bed randomly were out of bed in the middle of the night. Anyway, its Nobbi, Bianca, Cherry, Alice, Terri and Brigitte. That’s six people. More than half the house outside, leaving Rory Ben Travis and Terrence. I wonder if they will fail the task for the housemates. Who knows…if they recruit anymore, its just gonna be stupid. Or they could try…leaving one housemate in bed room. It would freak that housemate out.

Oh yes, we have Terri comment on Nobbi’s eyes and wondering how he can see through them ,saying they were ‘slits.’ THe racist comment everyone thought, ended up telling Terri to shut up, but Terri defends herself saying she wasn’t being racist, then she asks that talking about her arse is bad. Then she says that Terrence goes ‘you can tie a shoe lace around his eyes and he will be blinded.’ The whole thing was funny, especially Terrence’s comment. So then Terri brings the situation to Nobbi, saying how she said his eyes were ‘thin’ when she said slits in the bed room. Poor Terri XD Racist as you are, can’t stop you. Nobbi obviously doesn’t care =p Legend!

FNL, HEAVY METAL NIGHT!! Very Very BLACK and EMO! Indeed. Terrence was out of the games, yet again.

First round was girls against girls and guys against guys in a sliding competition! THe further you slide, the more points you score. Top 2 girls and top 2 guys would advanced to next round. The girls were very crap…they didn’t even run up. Don’t even believe Brigitte got 3 points! The guys were just as bad, but Nobbi just owned it the first go like a pro, skidded all the way to the end, automatically going into the next round. Rory had a good attempt, went around half way. THen here comes Cherri, the supposed surfer, and just stacks it so early, at 2 points…where most of the girls scored. How shameful! Ben was just as bad XD And yes Travis…well he did VERY BAD. As expected. So winners were Alice, Brigitte, Rory and Nobbi. But for the losers, they had their second chance.

Basically, two housemates were able to get into the next round. So the game was spinning them around and then kicking a drum onto a target to score points. This game was hilarious. They spun the housemates around10 times, then allowed them to kick the drum. Bianca was just hilarious to watch. With her huge boobs, she nearly knocked out the ninjas trying to spin her. Then comes trying to kick the drum, she wanders right past it and then go backwards and lands on her bum. Action Replay because it was soo funny. She missed the DRUM! Anyway, surprisingly Terri and Travis were back in the game.

Next game was ‘Iron Maiden’ Yes take the literally meaning and you have the game! Teams of 3, one was the person on the ironing board, one person was the iron. The iron had to navigate the ironing board around the ‘heavy metal’ to the maiden, who would then navigate the ironboard with the iron on it to get clothes into a basket that the maiden would give to the ironboard person, then cross the finishing line. First were Nobbi, Alice and Terri. They kinda cheated, missed a heavy metal to weave around then Nobbi putting the bra in after crossing the line, they got penalised 10seconds, which was very lenient. Funny thing about their run was how Alice was trying to get ontop of Terri, and just fell off. They were no match to Brigitte Rory and Travis who ‘steamed’ their way to the next round.

Nobbi, Terri and Alice were not out yet! They had one chance to get back in the game, in….Pin the Tongue on the (insert name of Kiss guy with the long tongue) game. Simple, spin the person around blindfolded, then stick the huge tongue on the face. Nobbi failed epically, considering he went first. I was sad when I knew he was out of the games. Wanted him to win for the fourth time before he goes on Sunday T_T Alice felt the side of the walls, then put the tongue on, was on the left top of the mouth. Terri had the same strategy but she walked towards the cameraman, felt him and the camera, then the assistant with the mic, then she felt her way back to the wall, then put her tongue on the face. It was very close, but Terri won!

Next round was the Air Guitar Championship. nothing to it but doing Air Guitar to get into the finals. Judging Rory Brigitte Terri and Travis was the Qld Representative for the National Air Guitar Champs…weird Championship but whatever, it was fun watching them go spastic with the music, guitaring on the floor and kinda humping the floor too…all the contestants were into it. Terri was beast =p Rory got a crappy 7, Brigitte goes a cool 9, TRAVIS got a whopping 10, and Terri with an 8. So Brigitte and Travis in the finals. Wooo! The two stupidest housemates in the final of FNL!

Last round was bashing their way to get their reserve tickets! They had their guitars and had to bash a few amplifiers, which had a key, needed to open the backstage door, which led to the ticket. But there were 5 keys, and only 1 key fit the door. So off they started, Travis bashed the amps like a girl, Brigitte was surely winning. Brigitte was first to the door, and luckily she found the right key on second try, winning FNL for the first time ever! Good of Brigitte! Poor Travis, being 2nd three times XD

Anyway her prizes, same as always plus able to invite 3 friends to watch the movie Brigitte claimed to be her favourite of all time ‘How to lose a guy in Ten days.’ She picked Terri Alice and Travis. Terri was happy, saying that Brigitte actually loves her. Travis was just escstatic about the movie….like really…you’re a guy, how to lose a guy in ten days only works if you’re gay, and you’re not gay as you say Travis T_T

Other movies the housemates could’ve watched were:

Nobbi:American Beauty, Travis: Devil wears Prada, Terri: Beach(wanna tell me what this movie is??!?!),  Alien vs Predator was someones, Notebook……forgot the rest. That’s all for tonight. Nobbi didn’t win. RAGE!!! I should criticise the way BB made sure Nobbi lost. In the pin the tongue on the wall, Nobbi was put first, when clearly it wasn’t fair! RARA! Anyway g’nite!