This post is pretty late, been busy with homework.

I’m gonna be brief. Alice has been recruited into the moon monks. More fun 🙂 It’s funny how BB is pulling housemates from one side of the bed, so it doesn’t look to suspicious….right. Brigitte probably thought something was odd when she saw no one on her side of the bed…anyway, they nearly failed, forcing Nobbi to enter the house to wake them up. Luckily, the made it in time, the task hasn’t failed.

The family dinner raised up some interesting issues. Who is the least trustworthy housemate? Rory says Cherry is as he ‘goes by what other housemates say.’ Cherry fights back saying Rory, for some really weird reason…which I don’t understand. Travis and Alice are still finding it hard to keep trust in Nobbi, but Alice doesn’t find Ben trustworthy, as she explains that Ben is kinda going under the radar. One question was the housemate with the least to offer in the house. Most say Terrence, but Terrence justifies that no one is willing to talk to him, as he can be part of stimulating conversations.

After family dinner, housemates partake in their favourte spa game, Truth or Dare!  Let’s see. Alice pashed Travis. Ben kissed everyone in their desired spots, kissing Cherry’s armpit and Brigitte’s tatoo on her bum. All fun for housemates, eventhough being drunked up.

Then we have sneaky Nobbi, willing to stuff up the Shark Task, knowing it is a dummy. He attempts to tie the row attached to the canoe to where the life vests are hung. Travis was trying to undo the knot until the alarm sounded and Alice and Travis ravaged and tried to canoe to the bell, with Nobbi hindering them, pulling the canoe back. Nobbi mucking around FTW! Travis randomly ran outside the canoe and then just rang the bell. Whilst waiting for 2am, Nobbi moved the canoe to the laundry area, filled it with water and put a cow in it. I wonder how housemates will fare when the alarm sounds and find out…the canoe is….retarded.

Cherry and Brigitte are getting it on. Like to see more on this. Also on Bianca and Ben, seeing as Bianca let Ben kiss her juggs.