Tonight’s daily show was quite fun to watch.

Vending machine. Nobbi decided the things he would get from the vending machine. He got a boxing kit, for fitness and anyone who wants to train. Then he got the hair straighter, so the girls would shut up of course. Then he got the wine and steak dinner for two, and he decided to give it to Terrence and Brigitte to share. Obviously this dinner was going to be interesting.

Both Terrence and Brigitte dressed up. Terrence in his suit with spunky hair! And Brigitte with her short skimpy skirt! Both went in, the other housemates trying to peek at the dinner. Bam the diary room door closed, and it was just two. Terrence insisted in fixing Brigitte’s chair when she just sat on it, not wanting him to touch it. Terrence persisted, then Brigitte moved Terrence’s seat towards the lounge room door. Haha, funny Brigitte. Their dinner was quite weird. Being in their business type suits, Terrence proposed that they take part in establishing a dance, modelling and elocution college. No kidding Brigitte asked what elocution was. I didn’t know XD So we find out its the pronounciation of words. So Terrence demonstrated how to say ‘Ewwwwww’ in a nicer and acceptable way. Then they just rambled with other words and phrases, always back to the ‘ewwww’ in the nice way.

Bianca and Nobbi were called to the Diary Room, and were told they needed to recruit another member into their society of Moon Monks. Target- CHERRY! So they tried a few times to tell him what they were doing, and how it related to the task. They had to kick out Travis of the kombi, to allow Cherry in. Travis respected their decision and ran off, whilst Brigitte was keen on what they were talking about. The Kombi people started talkking until Brigitte made a racket outside. Everyone told her to go away, but she persisted to listen. Then disbanded! Again Nobbi attemped Cherry of their plans, by going to the toilet, only to be stalked by Brigitte! Time and time again, she was told to bugger off, but came back, hoping to catch something. Nobbi told Cherry about it all, and they were gonna meet at 2am. Talk to Bianca etc.

Before sleeping, Terri asked Bianca where her powder from her bag dissappeared to. She didn’t know. So Terri, decided to steal Princess Sparkles, telling Brigitte to return her powder, so Terri ran out of the bedroom, Brigitte pursuing! Seems Brigitte was willing to give back the powder, so it was kinda mutual until they turned it into a wrestle. Of course I was rooting for Terri to come out on top!

Ok, housemates were still up at 1am…big problem for the moon monks. Bianca hurried people into bed, telling Travis to change quicker etc. Everyone got into bed, when it was close to 2am, Bianca told Cherry to help her, as she said earlier to everyone else, so they went out to the Kombi to get changed. They all got changed into their robes. THen at 2am, they did their handshakes and ritual. ‘We love you moon, we want to visit you soon’ I’ll learn the ritual soon 🙂

Then back in bed, Bianca and Benny having some fun! Holding Hands =o