Yes finally! Episode has been subbed. Its a shame how there aren’t any subgroups willing to speed sub The Daughter of Twenty Faces. Maybe they will see its potential…

Anyway, this episode was very insightful. We find out the intention of the woman and the mecha dude. They are researchers, doing something on a weapon for war, but something weird happened and they ran away, taking all their experiment stuff away. The weapon seems to make anyone become ‘hulk’ like. It’s relation to the story is when the two need to get information from Chizuko.

Chizuko meets her uncle, talks to him, then the detective Akine comes in to spoil the fun. Then they go to a government building, where this guy wants them to find the woman and the mecha dude…Kanaya and Tsuya.

Omg, i was hoping to see Twenty soon, when Chizuko saw notes of ‘I’ll be coming to get you.’ False Alarm, but Chizuko fell for one note, which she defeinitely thought was Twenty’s. Pro Chizuko, shows her sleight of hand when she gives the fake note to Koito blank!

Ok turn of events, Koito finds a note, saying to meet at 10pm somewhere, so Koito is pretty much kidnapped by the woman. Woman realises its not Chizuko. But she still drives to where her hideout was. Police cars find the hideout. Chizuko finds Akine and tells him her friend is in danger, so they drive to the hideout, following tracks. They arrive at the hideout, where Koito and the woman is. Then  the huge mecha dude comes out, all beefed up, wham wham everything, chases Chizuko. Chizuko dodges etc. Chizuko gets cornered somewhere then Kanaya, the woman turns into hulk mode…so random, saves Chizuko. Tsuya(mecha dude) asks Chizuko a question, apparently Twenty had something to do with their research. Obvious Chizuko didn’t know the answer to the question, regarding his ‘legacy. ‘ At first, I thought they were after her blood, as earlier the woman holds a test tube and goes ‘The Daughter of Twenty Faces.’ T_T Tsuya dies…got owned by the research, Kanaya runs away. Everything is all good now. Koito befriends Chizuko

Yes everything i predicted kinda happened. Koito and Chizuko best friends. They are gonna have mini adventures, and main goal, to find Twenty Faces. I don’t know how much Chizuko will allow Koito to know about certain things, but I’m sure Koito has some hidden agendas. She’s so suspicious looking all the time.

Think Look hear for yourself! Next week’s episode won’t be all that great…gonna be some friends having fun, and confronting baddies?!