Today’s show was enjoyable. We got to see the Black Crow take Flight against the Three blond mice and the evil witch! And moon monks!

This weeks FAKE task is Shark Attack. When the alarm sounds, 2 housemates must put lifejackets on, row the canoe to a bell, so they can end the alarm. They must be on watch all times. The way they fail this is the net being fully out of the sharks mouth, obviously allowing it to chomp the canoe. Fun…just as boring as the cricket task

This weeks REAL task is the Moon Monk Worship. BB called Nobbi and Bianca into the diary room. BB told them that this weeks task was a fake, where as the task he was going to give them was real and will determine if the housemates fail the task or not. The secret Moon monk organisation was formed. Nobbi and Bianca being the first members, and they were given a watch.They must worship the moon, saying a chat in their monk robes at EXACTLY 2am every night.  They must also have a secret handshake before they start their activites.

However there was a catch. They must keep this a secret, and they must keep out of the sun. So after they were finished talking to BB, they walked out of the diary room, Nobbi acted as if he got a strike, telling everyone not to talk about prizemoney and not to swear. Housemates bought their stories about why they were in the diary room for so long. Anyway, not long did Nobbi iniate his no sun, as the housemates were saying how Nobbi reached his 50days out of the house, he’s going loopy. Nobbi says he will set a task forhimself, and then he goes setting a bet with Rory, that Rory must wear the say underpants for the week, and before he sleeps, he has to say ‘I love you Rhianna.’ Nobbi had to have his side of the bet, so allowed Bianca to decide, and Bianca made Nobbi stay out of the sun with an umbrella…Nobbi acted pissed 🙂 All well seems well for our monks. When it was close to sleep time, Nobbi and Bianca made plans to meet, then off they went to bed etc. Bianca didn’t sleep, She played with Ben in the bed a bit before doing her ritual. Nobbi was making art out of the sand pit. 2am, they worshipped the moon and off to bed.

The Black Crows against the Three Blonde Mice. Nobbi’s group has dominated the Big Brother house, brainwashing Travis, Rory,Ben, Bianca, and Terrence. Wearing their black gangster clothes, they were the BLACK CROWS! Screeches, flapping their arms around the Three Blond Mice Alice Cherry and Brigitte. Terri was immediately dubbed EVIL WITCH! Terri said ‘ all i have to do is decide which side i should cast a spell on.’ I thought these groups were hilarious. Alice Cherry and Brigitte think its overrated, and they assure the Black Crows, they are just Three Blond Humans.

Day in a life of a Brigitte. Wednesday!

‘I wake up at 10am at the earliest, i go downstairs, say Hi to mum, eat breakfast, watch something on TV, then put make up for the day. at around 2, i go shopping with my friend after i pick her up from university. Then after that i might go to the gym, or watch a movie, then have cocktails and have dinner. Then sleep’

Then rest of the housemates listening were like ‘then you do the same thing all over again’ Terri goes, ‘when do you eearn money’ and Brigitte answers ‘i clean the house every 2nd friday.’ LUCKY BITCH. LIFE ISN’T THAT EASY! I’m sure Brigitte will change her life after leaving the Big Brother house.