Well now, lots of action this episode, lots of story!

A quick summary about what happened. The new knightmare frames have come already(Toudou’s is called Zangetsu…soo flashy!!), and Black Knights are making use of them.Black Knights run away from the wedding with Tianzi. The chinese federation pursue them. Chinese Federation get owned at this crevasses place. Then XianKe gets emo and gets into a knightmare frame called Xinghu, one Laschata and her team worked on. XingKe owned a few of The black knight’s army, Kallen charges out to stop, Guren gets owned, now Kallen is taken hostage. Xinge out thinks Lelouch in battle tactics, using geography to his advantage, mudsliding all of Zero’s troops. Zero’s ship has a huge laser. Wipes out Chinese Federation. Zero retreats again to this hill thing, to wait for Indian troops to back them up. Britannia back stabs Chinese Federation, and they are gonna kill Zero soon. Rara

I’m dissapointed they showed nothing about Jeremiah and his eye thing. I was looking forward to it! Plot twist was good. Kallen being captured. Interesting. Leleouch friendship got the better of him during his decision to retreat or fight. Oh well, good episode overall. A good ep if you don’t like see the Knights of the Round. THey did nothing this episode.

Next week, there will be new opening and ending songs. Opening is by FLOW and Ending is by Ali Project. I don’t know the songs but they are probably floating around the internet, if you google search it.