Today’s show was really plain…not much to talk about.

Ok the treasure hunt for the BB prize began last night. A big patch of sand in the backyard. First they had to find 10 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in the 10 segments marked out. Ben was first to find his…then they all slowly found their pieces in their assigned field. Nobbi Ben and Bianca put the jigsaw pieces together. I didnt’ get to see the puzzle but from the puzzle, they somehow had the idea this treasure was between the spa and the laundy, so they started digging in the sand between the two areas. They dug very deep, where there was water too! Dig Dig , Rory and Ben found a treasure chest with scissors, something that looked like a sowing kit….and this supposed clue…which BB gave a spare to Nobbi when he was called to the Kombi. The clue ‘disintegrated.’ Yes…….very believable.

The clue was read out by the Nobster, the clue was really obvious. Somewhere where past housemates have met their doom, where you place your bum. They all thought it was the question mark lounge…so did I! But BB told them it wasn’t. Then Nobbi suggested the diary room chair when others thought it was the bed….why ruin the bed when you can ruin the diary room chair! In the diary room, they pretty much ripped it apart, and found MONEYS! 10 boxes of $25 000 each. Wow! Yes, BB told them that they are indeed playing the game, and with the money, he makes sure of it. Person who wins BB gets $250 000. Brigitte says you can’t afford a Ferrari with that money…T_T

Anyway during the digging, the housemates were given a break by Big Brother to see Rhianna deliver her final farewell. Rhianna bursted into tears immediately, saying how she had the best time in the house. She said alot of things about Cherry and how evil he was! Anyway thanks to the housemate grenade, she takes revenge on Cherry, forcing him to be housekeeper, who must clean up after every meal and clean the toilets EVERY DAY! Haha, this job is worst than Dixie’s. Sucked in Cherry =p Well deserved, for being a meany to Rhianna, but for playing the game…

Anyway, nominations. Very tight nominations this week. Some really weird things came up. Rory giving points to Brigitte due to her comment early about the money and ferrari. Terry giving points to Terrence for telling people to do certain things after they leave. Brigitte voting for Rory and Ben for being party of the gang. Alice had similar reasons. People voted for Cherry…for playing the game…Cherry’s made it sooo obvious he’s playing the game. He did tactical votes for both his nominations. He nominates Rory so he can get into nominations and hopefully be voted off by the public. Cherry does not deserve to win now!

So the nominees at first were Alice, Cherry, Terrence and Rory. Nobbi says Rory no doubt, then comes the reshuffle, putting himself up along with Terri and Brigitte. Poor Nobbi. Cherry’s plan actually worked T_T We could say that the housemates were influenced not to vote for Nobbi! Ah ha! But what would’ve been smart for Nobbi was to vote for himself, after knowing what Cherry said earlier. Oh well. What’s done is done.

I don’t know who will go. I have established Australia likes Alice. So she won’t go. Australia won’t let go of Brigitte. Australia likes Terri, she won’t go. I don’t know how Australia sees Nobbi, after the Travis incident. Cherry…should just leave. Terrence…maybe Australia likes. As grim as it seems, Nobbi might get booted out…but hopefully Cherry.