50th post on the blog yay! And nearly the 50th day of BB. Lots in the daily show!

As the boys were in the cinema, Cherry and Brigitte were being naughty and being strategic… Cherry said ‘Winning Friday Night Games may not always be to your advantage.’ Obviously, all housemates knew if the person winning was in the 4th spot, the person would slip into nominations after the twist. So Cherry is like, we should give less points hint hint. That gave him a strike. Brigitte said the same thing in the lounge, with Terri warning her she can’t say that stuff. She got a strike as well! Brigitte goes on about Nobbi forming his own group, making it seem playing the game like.

When the boys were out of the cinema, Bianca was nice enough to fill the boys in on what was happening, saying how Cherry seems to think Nobbi is playing the game?!?! I don’t know what happened there. Nobbi went to cherry before going to the cinema and said sorry for not inviting him. Cherry was alright, then you see Cherry plotting evil plans! So Nobbi asks Cherry to come out and they have a little argument! With Bianca in the middle, who was the ‘mole.’  Pretty funny, because Bianca’s all quiet and Nobbi’s like ‘i heard this from someone, who i won’t tell who.’  Cherry probably figured easily. Hmmmm that whole things complicated =/

Terrence was busy meditating, with his blind fold on. Nobbi, bored as ever will be, mucks around, surrounds him with the farm animals quietly. It looked really funny because the animals were pretty much next to Terrence. Terrence awakes from his slumber and WOAH animals! ‘I make peace with the animals,’ Alice Nobbi and Terrence just laugh. 😀

In the morning, Nobbi notices stuff over the house wall. He thinks its decorations for something, probably Brigitte’s b’day. Brigitte doesn’t think so =/ Anyway, Brigitte talks to Nobbi about forming his own cult and how he’s trying to get Cherry. Nobbi is no way getting Cherry into his cult, but doesn’t want Cherry to dislike him. Brigitte likens the cult to black crowswho sit in the trees talking about people, like the guys do anyway.So now the new cult is the black crow gang. Brigitte demonstrates the workings of the crow gang, in a crow voice. Nobbi says he tries to brainwash everyone in to joining, even Terri, who was there. Too bad Nobbi ‘tried to brainwash Brigitte but she has no brain.’

The Task for this week, was the BB salon. Housemates had the opportunity to cut and receive hair cuts from their fellow housemates. As BB was delivering the results, the housemates were wearing their new hairstyles. Though BB criticised their cutting skills, they passed the task. yay!

Brigitte finds a new way to straighten her hair, at the oven. She’s smart wooot! Anyway skip to her b’day party. Housemates had no idea where they were going, except the fact they were going to Brigitte’s 21st B’day party…, they all hopped onto the BB plane…off to Sparkle Land! On the way, housemates were playing with the helium in the balloons that were in the plane. High voices 😀 Travis tried but his voice didn’t really change. Terri had to state the obvious, ‘your voice is so high, there’s no difference.’ When they arrived, All the housemates were surprised at sparkle land! All pink, shiny, sparkly, balloons..and a pool. There was food yay! Anyway, BB gathered the housemates around the plasma TV for a message from Brigitte’s family. Damn, whats the point of the housemate grenade T_T. Renee must be pissed!

Anyway, the video message was funny, Brigitte’s dad crying , running away from the camera. Anyway fun fun during the party, as the danced, boogied, ate stuff etc. Brigitte b’day present came…and guess what it was. PRINCESS SPARKLES! As dirty as ever before seen! Probably thanks to Saxon.  Some housemates went into the pool. Special mention to Rory with his gstring, then getting into the pool with Rhianna for some love time =o

It was time for the housemates to leave Sparkle Land. BB warned housemates they were not allowed to take anything from the party, not even food! Obviously BB wanted the left over food! Brigitte tried shoving a pillow up her dress o_O Anyway, all aboard BB airways…and captain BB announced,…6hours till they arrive to Gold COast. All the housemates moan. XD

Evictions…skip skip Rhianna got evicted oh knows…shock horror, i wanted Alice to go. Wah wah! Rory got hit hard, not hard to see. Rory’s new snuggle buddy seems to be Terrence. I don’t know how that came to be, but we will see later =/

Ok the prize this year was revealed to the housemates…well its location at least…well in a treasure hunt activity. we know its 250 000 dollars, and its been in the house the whole time, where housemates sit their asses on. Yes a few places, there’s the spa….bed….diary room chair, lounge room, TOILET! Yes….anyway housemates are currently digging out a treasure chest that had a riddle, that gives the whereabouts of the prize. Well, there’s so much sand in the backyard! As they made a huge field of sand in lock down. Happy finding housemates.

Sorry its kinda rushed, but im busy =/