Long night it has been, watching BB since 7 tonight =o I’ve nearly forgotten what’s happened XD

Ok Nobbi is now givin’ the craps to Brigitte. ‘No more being nice.’ It came so abrupt. I found it funny how Nobbi was like , i’m not talking to you, how do you feel about that? Brigitte has a comeback with ‘i dont even wanna talk to you.’ Their exchanges were just hilarious. Rory kinda backs up Nobbi and in a sense ‘gangs up’ on her. Yay more conflict. I like it 😀 Thanks Nobbi and Rory. Brigitte definitely deserves it!

Yes on the topic of conflict, we have Rhianna and Cherry, no talking to each and bitching behind each others back. Haha! It’s funny because they hate each other for different reasons. Cherry doesn’t like Rhianna because he thinks she’s really fake, she doesn’t know how to do a lot of things such as use a stove….in the show, Rhianna kept jabbing her finger at the stove trying to turn it on and then asks Terri to turn it on. Can’t get worse than that. You would expect more from a mother….I can see where Cherry is coming from. Terri should take Rhianna under her wing to teach her some valuable lessons at being a parent. Then we have Rhianna, who says Cherry is disrespectful i think…her reasoning kinda leaked outta my head for some strange reason. It probably wasn’t a valid reason.

THe Nobbi and Terrence situation has changed, as Terrence has worked out what’s been going on. He has finally realise Nobbi speaks like a retard only when Terrence wants to talk to him. Terrence explains what he finds out infront of Nobbi and Ben’s faces =o Nobbi continues to speak gibberish, and it looked so funny doing it. He got a bit crazy , pulled tort a balloon across his mouth and just blew…so funny!

Friday Night Live yet again. And I’m happy I didn’t miss this weeks one. Today, being the Friday the 13th, the theme of tonights FNL was spooky,unlucky,scary,freaky stuff? I can’t really describe it anymore. My money was on Nobbi, as usual. Smart and Braun combined. And who would’ve thought, winning for a third time too. So happy 😀 No more unlucky.

First round was an obstacle course involving doing many superstitious ‘unlucky’ things. Teams were Rory,Ben,Bianca, Rhianna and Travis.Other team was Nobbi,Brigitte,Cherry,Terri and Alice? Terrence had neck problems so he sat on a comfy lounge chair for the whole evening. Ben’s team was first. Objective was to finish the obstacle course as quick as possible as well as riding ONE HUGE BROOMSTICK! BROOM! Funny. Firstly they maneuvered through the ladders, then through the salt containers, through the shattered mirror, then under the luck horse shoe, then popping 4 leaf clovers, and then opening an umbrella over their heads to finish. Like always, second team always wins. With Nobbi being captain of the broomstick and Cherry making sure everyone kept up, Nobbi’s team went to the next round.Big Brother needed another contestant to continue his games so the losing housemates stood on NOT SUSPICIOUS looking discs. THen BB told them they had numbers, 4 of them had 13’s one of them had lucky 7. Person with lucky 7 goes to next round, and lucky Rory! Only for now at least 🙂

Second Round was the horizontal pole, where teams have to fight to the other side of it, being on the oppositions coloured side ensured victory. Teams were Nobbi,Rory and Terri against Cherry,Alice and Brigitte. They had two mins to get to the other side. What made this hard was the slime on the pole and the ability to whack each other off with pillows. Buzzer started the game off. Cherry was beasting the ‘walk’ across the pole, whilst Nobbi’s team was failing miserable. Fierce pillow fights took place, forcing the pillow fighters to slip off their position to only start again. It was tight towards the end, Rory and Alice were at the middle battling out, Alice got knocked out!. Nearly time up, it was Rory’s win in the bag. Rory just clung onto the pole and fell off. Then Time out! Damn! Tie Breaker, one person from each team to fight it out in sudden death. First person to reach the middle of the pole wins. So Cherry vs Rory. Cherry beasted it and won, but Rory insisted to whack the crap out of him with his pillow. Pow! Cherry,Alice and Brigitte advanced to the next round. Yet again BB needed more contestants, giving the losing housemates another chance to ‘scream their way’ back into the games. One of the ninjas had a decibel meter to measure the loudness of the housemate’s scream. They didn’t really seem loud but if you’re next to them , im sure they’re loud! Nobbi’s was the loudest at whopping 123. Then came Travis’s at 119 and surprisingly Terri’s at 117. Them three screamed their way back into the game :D.

Third Round was Monster Munch. This game involved housemates making a ‘Madoner(Madonna in a Doner)’ and feeding it to the monster!! Chomp! One housemate was the designated Madonna, to volunteer to be food. The others would have to make the doner by adding lettuce, bbq sauce, tomatoes and chilli sauce ontop of their Madonna. Then to finish, they would have to roll the doner into the monster’s mouth. They had trouble making teams, as Big Brother roared at them to make ‘evenly weighted teams.’ So the teams were Terri Cherry and Alice against Nobbi Travis and Brigitte. Alice Cherry Terry were first. Terry was the Madonna. Buzzer beeped, and they made their Madoner. It was probably very bad to be the Madonna because not only would you get Chilli Sauce, you would get bbq sauce too. All so sticky too! Anyway, it was enjoyable to watch Cherry and Alice pull the doner into the mouth. When they finished, Terri couldn’t stop laughing. It was either because she was being eaten by a monster, or liked being covered in sticky sauce. To my surprise, Travis was the team Madonna. Brigitte and Nobbi had a better approach to put on the toppings, since you had to do them in a particular order. And as expected, Travis Nobbi and Brigitte won! Yay. Fourth Round!

Fourth Round was 13 evil penguin bowling. Yes, like the name suggests, knock down as many penguins as you can with two balls, well the floatables from wet water world at least. The evil penguins were definitely evil with their vicious eyes and their balaclavas. Nobbi was first to knock them down. First try he knocked down 9, then another 2 on second try. Travis was next, he knocked down 9 altogether. Brigitte was last, her weight failing her, only knocking down 8 altogether, meaning Nobbi and Travis were in the finals!

Fifth round, and Final Round was Mean Cuisine. As the name suggested, Travis and Nobbi were going to experience some bad food. First on the menu, was a teaspoon of wasabi. Easy for the first dish. Nobbi, being Japanese, had no problem whatsoever. Travis, was determined and had no problems of chugging it down too, complementing it with water.

Second was Sheep’s Brain. Nobbi didn’t feel scared at all, and just put it down his throat with some water. Travis also had no trouble either. BB upped the rules and made sure that they could not use water to help eat the foods, until after finishing the food. Next up was Ox tongue…the raw one. Eww as we would all say. Nobbi ripped the tongue up and slowly swallowed it down. He had trouble getting it down but he was successful. Travis didn’t really struggle with the tongue. Three all. Next up, was Bull’s Testicles. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I have to express how disgusting this is!!!!!! If anything, i would never eat testicles. Both of the guys were probably distraught at the sight of it, but a game is a game, and you must do what you can win. Nobbi just treated the testicles as medicine, shooting them down his throat so fast! Travis had to match it, and he just couldn’t do it. Not sure if he bit it but…if he did…EWWWWWWWWWWWW Last and final dish was fish eye. I could see that Nobbi had it in the bag. He probably has eaten it before too. Anyway, victory was ensured as he swallowed the fish eye. Travis attempted the fish eye as a good sport, but failed miserably, spat it out fast!

WINNER NOBBI YAY! FOR THE THIRD TIME!! YAY!! NO CRAPPY PRIZES!! YAY!! This week he gets Head of House, Evictions Twist, and the mystery prize, which WASN’T CRAP! As this week’s task was the BB hair salon, the mystery prize was a special screening of ‘You don’t mess with the Zohan’ with three other housemates. Nobbi chose Travis, Ben, and Rory, his boys! He told BB he didn’t feel awfully well “Those balls didn’t go down too good.” Bianca kinda expected the prize, as the advertisement for the movie was up when they found out about this week’s task. So off they went into the BB cinema, Travis complaining about not being able to change, after being sticky and all.

I like it how Nobbi has the power again. Look at what’s gonna happen this week. Nobbi can piss off more people without being kicked out again!! yay! It may work against him if the housemates vote strategically!

And being in charge of the vending machine. NO HAIR STRAIGHTER FOR ANOTHER WEEK! This will definitely bring about more DRAMA! Yes more bitching more whinging. Next week will be a fun week to watch.