Pretty good episode overall. We get to see Blackstar and Tsubaki in action again. Their funny antics as they try to fulfill their mission. This time, they are trying to kill the Fey Blade, Masumune, a soul thats going to become a death demon. However, Tsubaki is actually the Fey Blade’ brother, and was quite obvious when you first see Fey Blade(we see flashbacks). We also find out about Black Stars background, and his history about his ‘Star’ clan. Ironic isn’t it =o Hence the tatoo on his arm, but what i don’t understand is the star on Tsubaki’s clothes right at her right breast…i was thinking at one stage she’s also part of the Star clan.. oh well

Funny scenes, such as Black Star flash jumping but then slipping and kinda crushing his balls on a statue. Then this old man doing thrusts to show he is young. Good humour I thought this time round.

Action scenes, superb like always. Always good fun to watch.

And one more thing i wanna talk about. I love how the animators out little detail on the students at Shibusen. If they aren’t in focus, they are blued and blurred out. If they are on focus and talking, you can’t see their faces. I find it really cool. It conveys the sense that they aren’t even important, which is the whole point. We only care about Soul,Maka,Black Star,Tsubaki,Death the Kid,Liz,Pattie,Shinigamisama,Stein,Deathscythe,Medusa…yea =o

Next episode, i look forward to seeing Tsubaki wield herself and fighting her brother. It will be very epic indeed.