Daily Show Today, wasn’t all that great, only hightlight worth mention would be the family dinner.

First off, the first discussion was about vending machine and the hair straighter.Cherry dived into Rhianna about how she whined about not having one, and she defended herself by saying everyone else was whining too. Fair enough Rhianna.

Another discussion was about people being fake in the house. Cherry once again dived into Rhianna and how her stories dont match her. Cherry doesn’t like Rhianna! Rhianna goes, fake boobs fake whatever, im genuine. She’s lazy..course she’s genuine 🙂 Then we had Terrence accuse Brigitte on the basis that alot of people don’t have ‘deep meaningful convos’ with her. Evident 🙂 But doesn’t mean she’s fake. Brigitte is just who she is.

Then another discussion was about Nobbi Travis and Alice incident and how it changed housemate’s views of Nobbi. Brigitte described Nobbi as if he was some monster after the events, Nobbi watching in the Kombi van just laughed. Travis was saying he wasnt gonna sugar coat it…and ended up saying nothing revealing…like Nobbi predicted. Then Alice wanted everyone to shut up about it because its over and done with.

The messages from family members were shown to each housemates. Some got emotional such as Ben and poor Terrence, who’s message didn’t even have his wife. I felt pretty bad for him after noticing his wife wasn’t in the video message.Brigitte protested, went into the diary room and demanded her message! BB said no, so she kicked some random stuff in the diary room, and then laid down at the entrance between the room and lounge. BB told her to move, so she did, also attempting to block the door from closing witha  nearby chair but failed!

Rory and Rhianna. Couple or not? Mixed opinions about these two. Some housemates say Rhianna’s with Rory for security, but she likes Ben secretly, which is true. Nobbi asks Rory if she’s the type of girl he would hang out in the outside world. Rory says he likes girls who are out there, so Nobbi questions if Rhianna is that girl? Rory struggles to answer =o

And for your watching pleasure, here is as Brigitte says ‘hairy shorts’

and in response to Terrence’s accusations of being fake ‘don’t judge a book by its blonde hair’