Today’s daily show was quite amusing. Nobbi stirring more people again ^^!

First up we have Nobbi’s self set task. Nobbi hates talking to Terrence, as we are all probably aware, and has tried ways to ignore him, such as the SOS sign. Now Nobbi has taken it to the next level and has decided to speak gibberish english when Terrence talks to him. Terrence talks to him about some cattle yard in Perth, then Nobbi rambles on about Winston Churchill and the Barrier Reef, in english that really didn’t make sense. The logic of what he said wasn’t all the right either. Its nice to see someone actually IGNORING someone. Terrence has probably noticed it, so he just plays along with it. When Nobbi says something about organs and himself, Terrence just goes ‘do you play the organs?’ I just found that hilarious.

Then we have the Vending Machine again! This week they got 18 coins, and the things on for sale were Brigitte’s party dress, hair straighter, dinner for two, chocolate bars, soft drinks,football and frisbee and a bed room makeover. At first they all thought the bed room makeover would mean one bed per housemate, but then it was a really retarded setup, like 4, 6 etc. Nobbi said to get Brigitte’s party dress, no one really objected to that. Nobbi was adamant not to get the hair straighter. He did a show of hands Hair straighter and bed room makeover and majority was for bed until they realised it sucked. Then Nobbi chose the footy and frisbee…then the last thing was…chocolates!!! No kidding the girls were pissed about not getting the straighter. After getting the items, the girls bitched about the hair straighter and how no one’s gotten it for the past few weeks. THe girls are like, they absolutely need it to keep ‘healthy’ in the sense that they need to keep their hair ‘healthy.’ Right…good logic. Terri was saying how the frisbee and footy kept people active, but then Bianca’s like, its just gonna go over wall in 2 days. We will see about that Bianca 🙂

Hair cutting. Only people shown today were Terrence giving Bianca a haircut. Bianca had a blonde wig and was acting like Brigitte. They were both talking about adoption. Then they were talking about hair styles, and Terrence with no idea what he was doing, didn’t know what ‘zushing’ heck i dont even know how to spell it…guess it makes me a Brigitte. Anyway, Bianca’s like we should ‘zush’ this, and Terrence is like how do you spell it, and Bianca says ‘i don’t know, im brigitte.’ Brigitte watched them talk, and she admits she doesn’t know how to too. 🙂

Brigitte is pretty pissed at Nobbi. Nobbi keeps teasing her about the boys in the house, knowing she has a boyfriend. I see nothing wrong with it, as Nobbi is just joking purely, but Brigitte takes it seriously most of the time. She just walks alway when he mentions Cherry and her as a couple, then trio when Travis comes in to join the hula hooping of the cow. Brigitte raged, spilling Nobbi’s food. Yay for drama! Later, she talks to Alice about Nobbi. Alice obviously doesn’t like Nobbi, since he’s an ‘influential’ person. So many groups now T_T it’s very sad….Brigitte hates Nobbi. Brigitte confronts Nobbi of the teasing (somethings could come out wrong through this joking/teasing, then screwing over her she says) using Bianca as her correspondent, so that it is ‘all serious.’ Nobbi agrees to, eventhough he said before its her own fault she brought this upon herself. Terri agrees its Brigitte’s fault =o I DO TOO!

Earlier in the morning, Nobbi and Ben talk about how Travis has been distant to them. Ben had a chat with Travis in the kitchen beforehand, asking about how things were going, but Travis still seemed not too friendly…Nobbi just says that Travis wants to keep it to himself, and that’s how he is, so let him be. They both say people take it too seriously in here, and I agree too, you don’t wanna be living with people you hate for every day for a long time, so I reckon, just get over it. It’s really sad when people ignore each other, its boring, except Nobbi and Terrence, they are just two funny people to watch.