I’m happy I finally watched this episode. It cleared up alot of the cliff hangers from the previous episode.

The episode leads off just after the last episode. The train splitting in half! Chizuko is still stoned, can’t accept that Twenty is dead! Then the detective finds out what happened to the train and luckily finds Chizuko.They both go back to Japan, where many reporters have gathered to gain information!

Chizuko returns home for the first time in 2 years, she’s still stoned. Her aunt is so happy to see her. The uncle suicided sometime before so no uncle. Many servants in the house, one which helps Chizuko around the house and actually is concerned for Chizuko.

People around Japan are wondering about Twenty’s treasures and if they will go to Chizuko. There’s this particular woman, who actually does something at the end of the episode. She overhears guys talking about twenty’s spoils. SO she does stuff…

Another familiar faces comes about, the dude in traditional kimono looking clothes and glasses. Akechi approaches Chizuko in the garden, as if he’s a stalker. He talks to her about Twenty. He poses the question ‘Do you think Twenty is alive?’ And then she’s all unstoned. Ok! HE introduces himself and then runs away before Tome, Chizuko’s maid sees him.

Chizuko goes to school, because she decided for herself so she wouldn’t ‘wilt’ in the house. Goes to school, we see a face from the Opening Theme, a girl with orange hair. Everything in the opening theme is piecing together now. The orange hair girl, called Shunka has significance but all we have seen is her being very domineering and disrespectful. Chizuko has no problems with that, since Chizuko is all pro.

After school, she makes friends with two girls, forgot their names but they probably aren’t important anyway. Chizuko walks home after hanging out with them. The woman from earlier spies on her. Chizuko is  in her room with Tome, when she sees Akechi under a tree.

Now this is the most important part of the episode. He gives her back the Anastacia Ruby from episode 1or 2. Now Twenty said before he would give it back to Chizuko. Akechi found it in the garden outside her window. So possibility twenty is alive. Chizuko is happy! Chizuko and Akechi have a competition to find him first! Yay the Opening and Ending Theme Animation actually makes sense!

The woman i was talking about before…well there was a scene with this meka dude breaking walls and safe and probably stealing stuff, then the meka dude meets up with the woman…..i don’t know the significance of this but we will see later.

Now what we will want to see later. Detective work. Tome will probably become best friends with Chizuko. I don’t know how Shunka will be friends with Chizuko. But they surely will be friends at one stage. That suspicious woman…who knows what she will do. Akechi…I hope to see more of him, he seems like a cool character.