Today’s daily show wasn’t all too exciting, seeing as the day was rainy…and rainy..

Well more housemates had their appointment with their hairdressers. Ben had his hair cut by Rhianna…nice pairing Big Brother! Ben had an afro and the longeststrand of hair was probably longer than Rhianna’s. Kinda forgot what they talked about but Benny Boy got the Elvis Presly Haircut look. Looks like the man himself!

Then we had Alice getting a mullet from Cherry. We could already see Cherry’s inexperience when he snipped the first strands of hair! Alice was funny, made Cherry the gay hairdresser! The end result, a bad haircut T_T

Rhianna and Rory getting it on! But guess what Ben and Nobbi are hear to stir some tensions. Ben suggested that he should kiss Rhianna on the cheek when she does good things to get Rory jealous. Sounds like a good plan to me 🙂 Ben and Nobbi also talk about the nominees for this week. Ben explains his situation, if Nobbi goes, then Ben has no one to talk to besides Bianca. But if Ben goes, Nobbi will be alone in the garden. Very sad if either of them go…unless Rory gives up on Rhianna…not any time soon i guess. Rory commented on Rhianna’s smell, and asks if it was deo…not deo. Sniffle Sniffle he goes…

Terri, Bianca and Cherry were in the kitchen discussing Rhianna and the fact she’s lazy. We’ve noticed she’s like done hardly any exercise, been stuck in bed alot with Rory. She doesn’t even know how to cook eggs!?! Fail mum? Probably so. And if Rory and Rhianna get close….who’s gonna cook? The three brought up some good issues to think about. But they do all agree that they look good together.

I guess the highlight of the daily show was Travis getting waxed by his housemates. Seems to be a spectacle for the housemates. He put his trust in Nobbi and Rory to get the job done. Target area…the nipples. Some funny stuff said such as ‘Will my nipples rip off?’ and the obvious answer was no! Anyway, the wax strips finished warming up, on they went. Then one rip..screams! second rip..screams! Red chest now. Ouchies!


Terrence’s bad jokes are sooo bad…..he has to tell them to Big Brother! Two of them were shown on the daily show…THEY WERE NOT FUNNY AT ALL.Stop telling jokes Terrence. Just don’t tell anymore PLEASE!