Ok a good episode after not even having an episode last week! The story, Chinese Federation has given Zero and his people an island to live on. They find out that Tianzi, is marrying a Britannian is having some fancy wedding reception. This is bad news to Zero, so Zero decides to plan his own actions to stop the marriage altogether. Everyone’s at the wedding reception. Even Nina!

Everyone’s having happy time until Kaguya, Zero and Kallen come! Everyone is shocked! Who wouldn’t be! Its a wedding reception so they don’t bother with arresting Zero, however some dude and Zero have a chess game, if the dude lost, he was to give Suzaku to Kaguya, and if Zero lost, he would take of his mask. Fair trade! So the game begins. It’s even, then everyone is shocked as Zero moves is king. It’s all so dramatic, for a chess game. More drama when Nina comes storming in with a knife attempting to kill Zero. Weee then the chess game bet ends due to Nina! Zero is advised not to come to the marriage tomorrow, and obviously Zero will still come anyway.

Ok flashback of Xianke and Tianzi and their little pact. It becomes significant when Xianke comes to save Tianzi from the marriage. He bursts into the church, slowed down by guards, then Zero appears from nowhere and takes Tianzi hostage. Woot! And that’s about it!

I seriously don’t know where we’re going now, as we see Jeremiah!!?!?! omg with something that resembles a geass. So i look forward to next weeks episode.