Lots of cool stuff in today’s daily show.

First lets start on Renee’s parting message and her hand grenade. Everyone was pretty shocked at what she said, and it proved her point so much. She went through most of the housemates. Didn’t even mention Ben or Rory, however she mentioned Nobbi and how he’s been nasty! Anyway her housemate handgreande was unexpected. She tells them that they are halfway through the game and that to keep them going, a message from their family would be given to them. However Renee had the power to rip up one housemate’s messages and she picked Brigitte! And I just found it hilarious she just ripped infront of Brigitte.

Now the effects of this housegrenade. Bianca tags along with Brigitte to the diary room. They go in. Brigitte bitches about how she gets two housemate hand grenades(I WONDER WHY?!?!) Big Brother just tells her that the evicted housemates get to choose. Then Brigitte asks if she could deliver a message to her. BB says no, then she just goes ‘Renee is a bitch and I hope she cracks her face so she looks better’ That’s funny! As they leave the diary room, Brigitte says she hates BB and then she goes up to the camera and tongue things at it. I don’t know the exact word for it. I just found that whole thing funny.

The new task for this week is a 24hour hair salon, where housemates will need to give haircuts or receive haircuts when Big Brother chooses.  Housemates would have to engage in talk throughout the haircut to pass the task for this week. I think they will pass. THe task doesn’t seem too hard, since you could just talk about crap. First up to get their haircut was Terrence. Terrence got his Afro, showed up at the barber shop with Nobbi as his haircutterer! How ironic! Nobbi with his fail haircutting skills, how did he succeed in the haircut? At first he offered Terrence to just shvae it all off, but he had to do mowhawk. Finish mohawk. Looked really funny, especiallly because it was on Terrence.  Some random chat, the shop was passed down from Nobbi’s dad and has been around for 150years. Heck the house is brand new XD

Next to get their haircut was Brigitte. With her orange mop looking thing on her head, she headed to hairdresser Terri for a bob haircut. During the haircut, they talked about their families. Brigitte’s family taught pandas in Taiwan how to cook. Terri was surprised that pandas could cook. Anyway successful haircut. As Brigitte leaves the salon,she tells Terri that she would bring her children next time.

Nominations Nominations! This week, with intruders as housemates, nominations were alot different. Most points went to Nobbi for the bullying incident. No other reasons for Nobbi. Same reasons to vote off Alice, being domineering, not entertaining. Then we had a whole bunch of nominations for the intruders. Terrence was nominated for lame jokes, being lame etc. Rhianna was nominated for being lazy, bringing nothing to the house. And also Cherry, arrogant,cocky,chicks are chicks,bringing nothing to the house. I agree that Cherry brings nothing to the house. Nominees before the Twist were Nobbi Alice and Terrence. No kidding Nobbi saved himself, so the nominees for this week are Alice, Terrence, Cherry and Rhianna! All intruders and Alice. How sad! I hope Alice or Cherry goes. Terrence and Rhianna are entertaining. Terrence makes me kinda cringe when he says lame stuff. I wanna see where the Rhianna and Rory thing goes.

So this week, I hope Alice goes! For the sake of the guys!