Big Brother DailyShow! I missed two of them! Thursday and Friday! So I’m close to updated about the end of this week.

Big Brother confronts Nobbi Ben and Rory about their ‘bullying’ on Travis. Yes it’s actually happening. And without having to think too much, BB the three of them why!

First we have the haircut! Yes I had doubts on it being just ‘a prank’

Second we have the shower gel incident. I thought it was just ‘a prank.’

Thirdly we have Travis cry on Friday after the FNL games. Something about Nobbi asking Travis who his least favourite housemate in the house during a truth and dare game.

BB considered all these acts of indecencies as bullying. From what i watched, seemed Ben and Rory showed ‘remorse’ at least I think thats the word, when BB confronted them. Nobbi, just kept defending himself, but in the end, BB just straighted it out in black and white. Anyway, first time we’ve heard BB go ‘Stop it!’ in a really angry voice too. Surprise. I wonder how Travis and the boys will get on with other. Seems they are still going well, but Travis is lets say, a bit more smarter, aware!

Anyway, Nobbi is pretty much having the same thing with Terrence that he had with Terri at the start. Doesn’t like listening to Terrence! So in the lockeroom lockdown, Nobbi Rory and Ben were talking about how to save each other from Terrence’s ‘talks’ while eating lunch. So Nobbi makes the SOS signal, which pretty much is putting your hands up against your face as if you’re pissed in some way. So Travis comes in, they tell him of what they’re doing. And Terrence, it was funny when he came in with his lunch and sat in their circle. It was just hilarious. Then Terrence sings this LAME song about the BB house. I forgot how it went but I probably don’t wanna know it. So he’s singing it, Nobbi goes SOS signal, but no one helps him out so they are just there laughing at Nobbi rather than Terrence.

Happy Birthday to Ollie! And Final Goodbye to Ollie! A party for 12th week? Nothing special here i guess. Tears from everyone. Very sad time for everyone! Brigitte loses her favourite housemate! Time to see her make new friends!

Ok Nobbi’s Mystery Prize was a trip to a ‘mysterious location,’ and he was allowed to take 3 other housemates, who were Rory, Ben and Bianca. Much to their surprise, they were going to dump. When i first heard about the destination, i just thought, poor Nobbi. I swear Nobbi has probably the worst BB experience ever. First he gets shoved in the Kombi Van, then he wins the first FNL but gets 20 000 Zimbabwe dollars….which we know equates to nothing. And now this?!?! A bit slack Big Brother!

The four were pretty shocked at first. There wasn’t much footage on the four. Bianca was probably most depressed. Then we had Ben Rory and Nobbi pass time by just mucking and fooling around with anything they could find. I think they found a lot of spare clothes and took them back to the house! They had a dodgy campfire which was a heater. Toasting, or at least attempting to toast marshmallows on it. Indeed fail. During the marshmallow toasting, Nobbi goes on about how he wants to help Travis, in light of the past incidents.

The week’s task, more fun. Bike gang randomly going into the backyard. Then we have the fireworks, which the housemates just stared at! Obviously they failed. BB had to say the obvious. Housemates were pretty content with what they did. Overall, best task ever!

“This is Big Brother,” BB’s voice boomed around the Backyard. “Housemates to pass this week’s task the rules were simple – all you had to do was ignore the obvious. All week BB’s rules were obviously ignored. Housemates, in this week’s task – you have failed miserably.” Funny ^^!

And we have Evictions woooo. Alice Bianca and Brigitte were first up, but thanks to Dixie, Alice was saved, Terri and Renee were up for nominations. Housemates didn’t know about this until it was eviction time. So it was quite a shock! I was pretty shocked Renee got evicted. It wasn’t expected at all…Renee’s first time in eviction and she gets booted! Renee….I’ll remember her for being unknowledgeable and being Nathan’s ‘close mate.’ Nothing much stood out for me…maybe why she got evicted? Oh well. This week, i hope Cherry gets nominated, so the girls can go cry! We’re definitely seeing Alice up for nominations. Gotta wait for tomorrow. And yippee! No school tomorrow 🙂 Queens B’day ftw.