This episode was mainly about Death and Black Star partnering up, finding Excalibur…with lots of jokes. It was a pretty enjoyable episode.

So basically, BlackStar has been punished for being a stupid head and not being able to get a single soul in his field trip so Zombie sensei has made him clean up the library, which is mess. Don’t know how it got like that. Anyway, Blackstar tries to clean but, the boy he is, just reads a comic book. Here comes along Death the Kid, wanting a book he’s sitting on. The book was Excalibur. We know the story of excalibur, how one person only can pull the sword out of the stone yadda yadda. Obviously Blackstar didn’t know about it so he decided to join Death to find it.

Lets just skip towards pulling the sword. Ok Blackstar tries to pull the sword, and he boasts because he actually does. Then he puts it back in, Death wipes the handle and pulls it out…success too? That was funny. Death got pissed because BLack Star pulled it out first, and now? The sword is actually a weapon soul, but happens to be a penguin looking dude, featured in the opening theme. Watch the episode for what happens next! Just a spoiler, they get pissed at the penguin!

Fun Fun. Maka and her dad talk. Her dad failing miserably conversing with her daughter….parenting lessons please! Can’t believe the library was spotless, until we see Tsubaki…poor Tsubaki. Tsubaki really needs a new partner T_T.

From a talk with Maka and her dad, the black blood in Soul is bad. Nothing happened to Soul cept he’s out of hospital!

Next episode isn’t any promising i guess. It just Blackstar and Tsubaki and Masamune. I’m not all that into Black Star since he’s sooo childish T_T.

Thanks for GG for subbing this episode seeing as there was no Code Geass R2 this week.