The show today, 1hour. Lots of stuff to talk about. Rivalry between Bianca and Renee heating up!

First up, Alice is annoyed by the fact that her housemates have nominated her again. She doesn’t like being seen as domineering or mothering,eventhough most of the time she actually does that. She has a cry to BB, crying about how she does pretty much everything in the house, on top of training Ollie.She claims herself to be a joker, so lets see what happens tomorrow.

Then we have Bianca not talking to Renee ‘EVER EVER.’ Oh please, as if you two are not gonna talk to each other when you’re stuck in the same house for at least another 5 days! Get over it. Renee has a nasty heart…whoopdidoo, I’m pretty sure most people have a nasty heart somewhere. Some wish to not show it ever.

Well, funny thing, BB called in Brigitte and Terri into the diary room to discuss their relationship. BB suggested that they bond together through knitting! Terri would teach Brigitte how to knit and they would knit something for each together. Brigitte wanted Terri to knit underpants for her. How funny….knitted undies eww. Then BB asked Brigitte what she would knit for Terri, and she answered ‘something that goes over her head.’ Took her a while to figure out the word ‘balaclava.’ ‘So charming’ Terri remarked.

This weeks task has made me laugh once again 🙂 It’s just hilarious. The marching band when Nobbi and Terri were sitting outside on the table. Like i said before, Nobbi and Ben RL ROFL. I would’ve too probably. It’s so random?!! Then we have the Diary Room changed…first we have Ben who enters to see a kiddies coin operated car moving thing. Ben just laughed and sat in it to talk to Big Brother about it. Then we had Alice, who went into the Diary Room with no chair. Fair enough, she was probably sad enough to not care about the chair. Then we have good ole Terrence. A crate with pavalova on it. BB said ‘you must sit in the diary room.’ As ordered, Terrence sat on it….at least move it T_T stupid Terrence!! Now you ruined your sarong. When Bigmouth’s host Terry(i think) crossed over to the housemates, he was asking housemates about certain things and behind him were pole dancers. Obviously part of the task, the housemates still laughed and noticed the poledancers. Deary me. How to pass task this week =o

ALUFOIL! Yes completely noticing the alu foil in the garden, they decide to use alu foil and become super heores! With weird names! Jedi Fights and all. Mindless fun to pass the night.

Thats all =o