This week promises to be a week of laughter, with new housemates and of course, the new task, which im finding just hilarious.

Ok starting off, housemates ranked off who they liked best out of the three intruders. Universally, the housemates don’t really like Cherry, for various reasons ‘he’s cocky’ ‘he’s wishy washy.’ The housemates like Rhianna and Terrence, and so do I. I didn’t really see much in Cherry to begin with. My preferences are Terrence>Rhianna>Cherry. Terrence seems to be the most interesting of the three, probably because he’s the oldest of them 3 and has lots of things to talk about. He was sharing his experience about his son’s c section birth and how Terrence did some weird thing on his face, that he would sometimes do now. So weird I thought but Rhianna found it cute.

Terrence and Nobbi, funnily enough share the same views on telling people stuff to their face, don’t bitch behind peoples back.

Last night, Alice,Renee and Bianca had a heated conversation about breast reduction, and it got pretty hectic. Lots of swearing, Alice and Renee calling Bianca narrow minded. Swearing all over the place, then Bianca did the right thing and left the kombi to stop further aggravation, but couldn’t help overhearing Renee’s farewell message, which ‘instigated a fight.’ Bianca immediately turned back and probably looked like she was gonna bash the daylights out of Renee. Oh well, Bianca had a cry to Rory later XD. Luckily none of the intruders knew about that convo, since they were in the diary room.

Then earlier today, BB called Renee, then Bianca to the diary room to issue strikes for breaking house mate guidelines.

More on breaking housemate guidelines. Nobbi,Rory,Ben and Renee were talking about nominations. They were talking the eviction that they all survived a few hours ago. Rory knew to shut up about it but he was pulled in and got into trouble! They all knew what they were getting on the way to the diary room. Strikes again to all of them. Poor Renners with 2 strikes.

On a better note, Travis is back 🙂 He seems to be feeling alright, after being a sped and screaming when he got back in the house, hugging housemates and probably scaring the intruders.

This weeks task is simple. Ignore the obvious. Ignore anything that does not belong to the house. Do not react to it. Any reaction could cause all housemates to fail the task.

As you have already seen, the backyard has stuff covered in aluminium foil. I just found it hilarious at first thought. On the live streaming..I was like…what the hell?!?!? So funny.

Memorable part of the show tonight, in that window above, was some dude dresses up as a gorilla dancing like an idiot. Rory and Ben were first to witness this. I love their reaction to this. Ben pointed towards it but Rory immediately slapped his hand. Ben went to talk about the pot plant, as if he was pointing to the pot plant and saying how good it is. At the end, Rory is like ‘you’re an idiot.’

Hmm Nominations. Well all changed, as Dixie said her final words to her housemates. Nominations picked up after Travis got back into the house. Each housemate was to give 2points and 1 points to whoever they wished. The intruders were not able to vote or be voted for. Funny if they could’ve. They’d just be voting on first impressions XD. Guess its the same as when they evicted Terri.

Results of nomination. Im pretty surprised that the boys were hardly voted for. Max points were Ben at 3 i think and Nobbi at 2. Travis one 1 and Rory on 0. So weird, but we have a bunch of bitchy girls! Woot! Drama! Anyway at first, Alice, Bianca and Brigitte were up. Housemates don’t know who is nominated. They find out on Sunday. Now this is where Dixie’s hand grenade comes in. Dixie gets to save a nominee now. Gosh! Dixie saves Alice, for obvious reasons, and now we see Renee…nooooo and Terri…YES!!!!! in nominations. I think I jumped for joy when Terri was up 🙂

My prediction for this week. I doubt Brigitte would get nominated. She’s just pure entertainment. I don’t think Renee will get evicted, purely because most of Australia love her. So it’s just between Bianca and Terri. Seeing as Terri wasn’t in bottom three like Bianca, you’d think I’d say Bianca to go. I was wrong last week T_T only if Dixie didn’t cry about it gee >_> I’m not really sure this week, but I really want Terri to go. Terri isn’t that fun. We get fights that are caused by Bianca and someone. That’s entertaining. Terri….nothing really. I think Terri has had enough time in the house. Not only was she evicted, she got a second chance. I don’t think too many people like Terri. I’m just going on the logic more people are gonna vote Terri out over Bianca. So Terri.

As for my predictions on the housemates passing the task. reading about how some marching band randomly went into the house today and nobbi and ben real life ‘ROFL’ they are not gonna pass the task. I feel sorry but I would laugh at the stupidity too.