Wow Day 35, and it’s another Sunday!

Daily show was cut short, due to intruders! More fun of course!

The housemates have yet again passed their task, thanks to Ollie especially. I never thought training a dog was that easy, and they did it in one week! I want a dog just like Ollie 🙂 I wonder how many coins they will get for the vending machine.

Yes you might have found out, or already found out Travis has been admitted to a medical facility to check his eye out. On Friday i think, Ben ‘accidentally’ threw some shower gel into Travis’s eyes as part of a prank. The video of the prank was shown tonight, and from the looks of it, it just seems a prank all gone wrong. Funny because Rory Nobbi and Ben were laughing like Hyenas, especially Nobbi, like he always is. Then we had Terri join in the laughing not knowing what the hell happened..then Travis in pain. Washing the eye out didn’t really help. During FNL, Travis’s eye got worse so he was pretty much pulled out after FNL.

The housemates were told the bad news. And BB reassured them that he’s in good hands. Ben, the person who caused this felt really bad and started crying. I feel for you Ben! In any prank, you don’t wanna hurt anyone! Nobbi and Rory tried to cheer up Ben, so good on them. For Travis, it could be seen that everyone’s taking advantage over him, for being the most naive housemate. In Big Mouth 2 weeks ago, they showed a clip about Travis not knowing what ‘doggy style’ was. Come on! How would you not know what that is. The housemates ask him questions they know he wouldn’t know the answer to. I don’t think it is particularly fair to Travis but if Travis feels alright that the housemates are kinda abusing him, then whatever. We get the entertainment from it, so i guess its ok…so don’t evict Travis!

More on Travis. Nobbi Rory and Ben have been manipulating Travis. They turned what Alice said into something worse, when Alice only said she wouldn’t talk to Travis outside the house. Is this part of their way to win the game? I think partially seeing as Travis is so vulnerable.

Oh yea. Nobbi got pissed again and decided to rambo into the house again! But this time, there was a purpose! Took a few pegs, sneaked into the bedroom, tried to find Rory, then pegged some pegs onto his locks. Hehe Rory kinda noticed, looked up and probably saw Nobbi. Took the pegs off and just pegged them back at Nobbi. Hilarious.

Anyway the eviction and intruder special! Lots of fun! Man, skipping to evictions first. Bottom three at first were Bianca and Dixie, pretty obvious. Then Alice was in there! Renee, winner of FNL saved Alice. Was gonna save Dixie but Dixie got pissed at laundry and wanted to go…annoying how many housemates wanna leave…its gonna be the last chance to be in the house, so make it blardy last. Saving Alice since it was her B’day. Then I couldn’t believe Nobbi slipped in. Man I was shocked! And anyway, I knew Nobbi wouldn’t be evicted, since all the housemates love him, fortunately!

So evictions start, votes went to Dixie and Bianca, like none to Nobbi until Renee decided to vote strategically, Alice like always went strategically. And Travis, who I didn’t really expect to give 1 point but I can see why, something about saying stuff about him and something fustrating him, I didn’t really catch it.

Ok Dixie got evicted…I so thought Bianca until all this stuff about Dixie wanting to leave because of laundry! Anyway, on stage at centrestage was KFC waiting for Dixie. Funny. She just dug into one chicken straight away, and chugged down some Pepsi. Man that’s fat! Talk about bad image to her people, as Terri said in her eviction.

First intruder, Rhianna.

From the BB site

‘She’s a totally yummy mummy and methinks she’ll be right up Rory’s alley – but she’s admitted to having a bit of a crush on Ben! (Hel-lo… toy boy alert!) Rhianna is a financial worker, who grew up in the country but is a city chick now… along with her beloved seven year old daughter, who is just adorable.

She has an amazing tale to tell and sums it up with this sentence: “I got knocked up at my Year 12 formal and haven’t been on a date since!”

She is just simply nice – she’s a bubbly blonde who never stops grinning, can laugh at herself and is totally accident prone. She’s promised me she is looking for Mr Right and is keen to be swept off her feet in the BB House!

Rhianna, was probably a good addition to the house. Give Brigitte some company. Brigitte is pretty fun to watch, I must admit.

Here’s the second intruder, Terrence.

He’s 51 and is a real estate auctioneer, complete with the booming voice. He is married, with three sons that mean the world to him. This WA Dad is absolutely intent on raising his boys RIGHT – and that means no drinking, no smoking and no naughty business… so I’m thinking he will get on well with Bianca!

He is right into the Aussie spirit, mateship and giving people a fair go. He’s also an old-fashioned gentlemen who doesn’t appreciate or understand bad manners… and I can’t wait to see how that goes down in the House! He’s super strict and bluntly admits: “Generation Y are spoilt, lazy and inconsiderate freeloaders.”

Ok, Terrence is gonna stir things up in the house for sure. His first 5mins on television was just the start of what he was gonna do. Coming down in his old person motorbike thing ‘Fun Police.’ Terrence is outgoing, not afraid to embarrass his children. He’s really loud, talked more than Mike and Jackie. I expect good things from Terrence.

Now the last intruder Cherry.

Cherry is a sexy surfer, aged 22, from where else? The Gold Coast. He’s an ex-pro surfer and a cheeky charmer to boot. He’s a private school boy, but despite his penchant for boy’s toys like nice cars and jetskis, he claims he’s not a “spoilt rich kid.’ Has Brigitte been knocked from her marble mantle?

Cherry is a real sports boy – he has represented Queensland in four different sports and even received an Olympic Committee award for excellence in sports achievement. Sadly, injury cut short his career in rugby but hey – if his rig is anything to go by, it looks like he’s kept the fitness levels up!

His promise? “I won’t be going in to join the Big Brother boys club. I’ll be making sure the girls get to know me as well.” Thank the LORD!

Just another hot guy to make the girls happy. I guess they need to repopulate the house with guys, after all, Travis gone = 3 guys in the house.

After eviction, it was time to put in the intruders. The most weird thing they did. Big Brother asked all male housemates to go to the garden. Weird. Then they were shut out by the shutters. Weird but it was obvious that Rhianna was gonna meet them first. Their eyes were directed to the plasma to see a video. Shortly after, Rhianna came in with champagne, an umbrella, and a photo frame from her daughter. They might her blah blah.

For the girls, they stayed in the lounge, watched the plasmas, and in came Cherry. Man, the girls were excited…but the best part of it all, was Brigitte’s face. It was just classic! After both were introduced, both groups amalgamated! Two intruders was what they thought was all! Terri was then asked to go into the Diary Room. Terrence was waiting in the eviction studio. Terrence went into the diary room. Terri thought he was someone that worked on BB so she was like shhhh. But turns out Terrence was an intruder. Terri was stoked i guess. Someone of her own age. Terrence bragged about being younger than Terri by one year. Haha. Terrence is so different to Terri! I can imagine Terrence doing some pranks on people =p

Anyway, Terrence and Terri went back to the lounge to meet everyone else. Then again, Brigitte’s face. But it doesn’t beat the spoon killer face(inside joke.) Terrence got along with all the housemates really well. I was pretty surprised! Renee showed him around the house, they went to the kitchen ate some chocolate. Can’t believe Terrence said that Tim tams are good in the freezer. I hate tim tams when they are frozen. They just taste horrible eventhough they don’t taste any different. It’s just hard and not even a biscuit anymore.

Funny, during live streaming, Nobbi and Terri talking to each other about the intruders, and how Terri has a mate. Renee and Cherry talk footy! They are gonna be good friends. There’s not much progression on Rhianna, but I’ll guess I’ll see what she does in the daily show. More fun stuff, Nobbi chucks some pasta on Brigitte’s face. Haha more pranks. Brigitte gets pissed and starts using Nobbi’s dotty jacket to wipe it off. Then she goes into the Kombi to get something red to wipe her face. Haha. Nobbi tells her its just a joke but Brigitte insists to make a big fuss about it.

Ok, breaking news. Voting has changed, but its just gone back to what it was originally. Housemates nominate, we evict. Weird…i thought it was gonna be different, since this year’s voting system was surprising. This means, more BB to watch. OMG! So lame. But more BB is good i guess.

Bye Bye Laundry Lady Dixie! And the housemate hand grenade. Ben is so getting it tomorrow ^^! I wonder what it’ll be. That’s it from me.