Well this weeks episode revealed more about what the thieves intentions were. Their intentions were not getting the 4 corpses, but more to find more information about Sora, who actually has some strange power, that comes in a form of a brown bear arm thing. Funny how his weapon was the claw thing.

Anyway, Naruto and Fuuma! I caught the name! Fuuma had more fun with naruto, showing all her flashy movies, red petal wind, snake’s mouth etc. All 5 elements. We see more comic and gimmick stuff when Naruto clones to go against the wind! I found it funny. All squished together like sardines in a tin. Naruto got owned…and got paralysed since Fuuma upped her abilities a notch. KISS SOON!

Sora and the mystery dude meet. Strange how Sora was given roasted potato to eat, but Sora..spoiled the meeting by engaging in battle so fast!Sora was no match, like always. Then being beat down, his power leaks out and he finds out OMG its an arm..ok that wasn’t what happened but I’m sure Sora knew about it. It seems the arm has lots of power! And some weird abilities, such as hearing someone far away..he somehow heard Naruto cry for help. The dude knows Sora’s dad and claims that he’s stealing the 4 corpses for the Fire Country’s sake.

Ok, Fuuma is kissing Naruto, Naruto doesn’t die but his chakra drains out into Fuuma. Everyone somehow finds them to, Sakura and Sai first finding them. Sakura overreacted thinking Naruto was cheating on her! Jealous maybe? Yamato came soon but Fuuma’s comrades came as well, who stopped Team Kakashi from saving Naruto.Then last to arrive was Sora who saved Naruto. Not really. Naruto’s chakra owned Fuuma. Fuuma was like shocked when she was absorbing Kyuubi’s chakra!

The roof randomly fell off, the people from the temple came. Then the thieves just left. Chat back at the village. Yamato knows the thieves are after Sora, so they give him the offer, seeing as Sai got owned in the arm. Sora seems to accept it.