On Thursday Night, I went and saw Phantom of the Opera at the Lyric Theatre.It was very good. You have to watch it yourself to experience the magnificence of the musical. Don’t be discouraged because of the opera singing. The singing was very good, and i didn’t mind the high pitched singing. The story is pretty cool.

The quality of the musical was of high standard. One thing that stood out was the set and props. They were just amazing. Scene transitions were very good, quick and unnoticeable! The detail on the set and props were well done. The phantom had a stick that shot fire. That was fun. They used firework tricks in the performance, which gave it the shock factor.

Special effects were really cool. When we first meet the phantom, he comes out of a mirror. That was really unexpected for me XD but i found it cool how they did it all. Then there was the instance the Phantom teleported…you know what i mean 🙂

Some funny things I encountered that night. At the beginning, the golden pylons above were covered with cloth, and when it was time to reveal them, they had trouble removing the cloth since it got stock somewhere on the pylon. They struggled a bit but when I looked at it, it was gone.

The seat I was in, was pretty dodgy but able to see most things. They didn’t do too much at front stage right, which was a relief but not when Phantom and Christine are kissing where I can’t see them!!

Then during the interval, went to the toilet, one of the cubicles had a guy and chick….i dont know what they were doing but whatever.

Ok, if you’re gonna watch any musical, it has to be the phantom of the opera. It’s actually my first musical I’ve been to, and I got what i expected. Professional everything 🙂 Everything was in place to make it the best experience. Although I got lost towards the end as to why things were done, the ending was sad to bear!