This episode leads off after Soul takes the damage from Ragnarok. Maka pretty much is stunned because Soul saved her. Then Stein comes in with, Death scythe! Stabs Chrona blood black spurts and Chrona retreats. Out of no where, the spilt black blood rose up into the air to needle Stein! Then they realised Chrona used blood for his weapon. It clears up misconceptions, because here I thought, Chrona was infused with a weapon =/

Stein and Deathscythe are the best meister weapon combo we’ve seen in the anime so far. And apparently the best. Stein, with his soulwave attacks combined with the strength of Deathscythe, pretty much rips anyone. Stein just uses deathscythe to block and then he would use his attacks to finish off Chrona.

Chrona gets whacked up. Stein unveils a weird technique doll shield. Weird. Medusa chooses to intervene and attack, to only be countered by Stein’s and Deathscythe’s Resonance. Seem their resonance turns deathscythe into a square scythe that surrounds Stein. Interesting, i was expecting a huge scythe. Anyway, Medusa realises Chrona sucks so then they escape.

Back at Shibusen, Soul is being operated on by Stein. Stein tells Maka of the good news but the fact is that Soul is infected by Ragnarok’s blood. We don’t know what this will do but I’m imagining something catastrophic will happen! Maka reflects upon Soul’s selflessness, cries, only to be interrupted by Black Star and Tsubaki’s visit. Blackstar, all energetic and enthusiastic shakes the living hell out of Soul. Maka does her shinigami chop, which I don’t really find funny anymore, sending Blackstar to bed.

Now a new teacher…MEDUSA SENSEI. I wonder who she is! Anyway seems Medusa has infiltrated Shibusen…like if I was Shinigami, she would be dead…but this is how the things work in Shibusen. Medusa is dragging Maka’s dad on her leg…and guess what…SHINIGAMI CHOP. NOT FUNNY!

Overall, good action. More info revealed about our enemies. More about Chrona and Ragnarok. And best of all…Stein in action! Stein might become my favourite character..but I’ll have to wait and see.Soul is still too awesome. Chrona’s blood is used for any weapon..pretty good ability. I can see it wreaking havoc in later’s in Soul so…big trouble there. Next episode is Death and Blackstar teaming up. I can see how much Death is gonna hate Blackstar. He’ll probably criticise his hair…his crap moves etc. Things are moving slowly, but they’ve got 52 episodes to burn so whatever.