The daily show was quite fun to watch. Poor Nobbi and his kombi. Started leaking since it rained. It rained pretty hard and washed out the Kombi, so BB allowed him to sleep inside the house, under one condition, at the doors in a 1.5mx2m rectangle. I was really expecting BB to go ‘You may stay in the house for one night.’ BB will never stop the torment of that housemate grenade! The kombi had at least 5leaks…had to get saucepans and anything that could hold water to save the kombi from flooding.

The housemates had a talk during dinner. The topic somehow went to ‘If you could cast a spell on Brigitte what would it be?’ Terri said she would give Brigitte a brain. I’m sure you would go furious if someone said that. Brigitte got some pasta and just chucked it at Terri. Good Sport! Terri fights back with more pasta. Only if it turned into a bitchfight. Terri might’ve been mean…Brigitte did beat Travis in a smartness contest.

Ollie seems to have not progressed much in his training. Alice can’t even get him to sit XD. He keeps chewing on stuff. I really want Ollie as my pet…:D Alice got pissed at Travis in the morning because he wasn’t looking after Ollie. BB flamed Alice 😀 Then leading to the aggravation.

And when you have nothing, you put on some garbage bags, and try to slide on the ground, looking like a fool and hurting your balls. The one and only Nobbi attempting to do such a dangerous thing! Travis probably did this when he was young, causing his current voice. The sliding is funny. It’s wet, and it’s torture i guess.

Friday Night Live! Race Night! The theme for this night’s games! First round was complete luck. Each housemate drew a card out of a bag, determining which horse they were backing up. AFter each housemate got their cards, they lined up behind their lil’ flags, facing the TV. Then BB instructed ‘Housemates, cheer for your horse.’ Basically, person who’s horse comes first and peron who’s horse comes last go to round 3 straight away. This game was pretty funny. The race started, then split screen, the horses racing, an actualy horse race on the top part of the screen, with housemates at the bottom. They were cheering alot at the start, and then gradually got tired…eventhough BB reminded them to do so. Nobbi was cheering weirdly, he was kinda dancing. The horse in last place for most of the race was Nobbi’s and I was just hoping it would stay last, but it speeded up towards the end T_T Of all housemates, Terri’s horse won, giving her the road to 3rd round. Renee’s horse, lucky last also gave her the road to 3rd round.

Next game was soccer, with a twist. Binoculars! BACKWARDS! So they were seeing everything tiny, I think. The spectacle of this game was seeing if the housemates could even kick the ball, and the housemates who really managed to kick the ball were Nobbi and Brigitte. Some housemates didnt even do anything. Bianca and Dixie just stood without moving for the whole game. Anyway, Nobbi and Brigitte carried the team, that also had Dixie and Alice to the next round. Rory Ben Bianca and Travis out of the games!

Next game was actually horse riding! Housemates had their horses with wheels on their legs. BB instructed them to race, whip their horses and ‘giddyup.’ The obstacles in this race were poo(fake ones) and just hedges with one way entrances. This time Renee and Terri were back in the game. Competing in the first heat was Nobbi, Renee and Alice! They were at their starting gates. The buzzer started the race and Nobbi steamed off to the front, followed by Renee and Alice. Nobbi took out first place. Renee finishing second.First two places of each heat advance to next round, so Alice was out. Next race was Terri Dixie and Brigitte. In my mind i didn’t really expect anyone in that heat to try, but we had Brigitte steam through and come first! Terri and Dixie had it close. Dixie was ahead Terri until it was down the straight stretch where Terri overtook, then somehow Dixie came back ontop of Terri to finish second. So Dixie and Brigitte advanced to next round.

Next game was shoveling the cow dung(just mulch,grass) The unbalanced teams were Nobbi and Renee vs Dixie and Brigitte. The objective of this was to get as much mulch over the wall by using a shovel, then catching it on the other side and putting it on scales. Team with most advance. A twist in this one. THe person catching the manure not only had huge boots, they had huge hands! Funny. Brigitte and Dixie were first. They started off well, did well through out but towards the end, Brigitte lost her foot in the big boots and kinda ‘dislocated’ her ankle. Then Dixie probably got ragey and intentionally threw a heap on Brigitte. Next team Nobbi and Renee, there turn was funnier. Nobbi was just spitting the manure out as fast as he could. Renee was catching it pretty easy. Renee nearly stacked it, but recovered nicely, only to have her boot turn the wrong way, so one was facing forward and one backwards! Nobbi and Renee won of course.

Last game was unexpected. Fashion Parade! Main objective of this game was to put on as many pieces of clothing on, to weight the most! There were 3 sets of clothings. First set were bras and undies, second set were pants, coats etc. Then the last set were accessories, hats handbags. First Nobbi and Renee were weighed. Nobbi came out at 80.35kg, Renee coming out at 56kg. Big difference lol. Then the game began. Nobbi had at least 10pairs of undies, Renee had a few bras and panties,then BB told them to move to next set. Both had heavy clothes, thick coats, pants. Nobbi snatched a piece of clothing off Renee when they jsut started rummaging! Nobbi wanted to win! I wanted him to win =] Then next set they went, Nobbi was shoving everything in one handbag but BB told him off, and this ultimately costed him the games. T_T Renee had like 6more handbags then Nobbi. Nobbi had around 7kg of stuff whereas Renee had 8kg of stuff.Renee=Winner!

Renee took in Dixie into strategy room. Bottom Three Bianca, Travis and Dixie, BB has thrown a party for Rory and Alice. Happy B’day! HMs moving everything outside since Nobbi can’t go in.MEAN BIGBROTHER!! Before entering the strategy room, Dixie asked if she could go wee and BB said no. Funny. Anyway they entered. Renee and Dixie were talking strategy, who they would give points to if the same bottom 3 were kept. And whether or not Renee would save herself over Dixie.

Anyway, my bet this week, Bianca is going…but Bianca brings so much to the house…and I can’t wait for the intruders. I wonder what will happen! New Romance? TERRI AND TERRENCE. Perfect names! I expect alot more arguments in the house. This would mean Bianca needs to stay. DONT GO BIANCA!