Today’s daily show had some good highlights.

Ok Travis asked Bianca and Brigitte to cut his hair but was turned down, so he goes and asks Nobbi to do the honours. The last person I’d give the scissors to would be Nobbi, but Travis and Nobbi are great mates, so let them be. Snip Snip…it was looking ok at one stage before..Nobbi cut too much

Oh god that haircut was horrible. Absolutely horrible!!!!! Bald Patches everywhere…how can you remain possimistic about this crap hair. I don’t believe Travis actually likes the hair…everyone just laughs at how bad it is, whilst Travis likes it T_T. Might have been a prank on Nobbi’s part but who knows..wait for eviction and see if Travis puts points on Nobbi for doing a crap haircut!

Anyway another thing that was memorable was Brigitte talking to Rory and Nobbi about how she hates both of them..maybe just Rory. She goes on about how she hates Rory’s personality, and Rory asks what part of his personality annoys her. And she goes something along the lines ‘the things that make you a person.’ Ding Dong! Stupid! Rory asks her the same question few more times, even asking more specifically, and she’s like ‘My brain doesn’t work.’ That’s the only right thing she said during that conversation.

Renee Terri and Nobbi are playing pegface XD. Hilarious stuff. Terri pinches her pegs on her arm, to make her ‘young.’ Nobbi adds more pegs onto her arm and then he tells her to shake her arm. Like the gullible person, she shakes her arms, and you know how pegs work..little pinches on her arm!! Pain!!

Dixie is pretty much fed up with doing the washing….its a boring job, and tiring one too. She threatens BB to leave the house…but she doesn’t leave the house…i hope she gets her clothes line she suggested to BB. Her job is hard enough compared to everyone else’s grenades…she can’t even get help!

BB laid down the rules to all the housemates. I didn’t quite understand everything, apparently they have copped $80 000 worth of fines….and now they will get strikes, and if they get 3 strikes..automatic elimination!

The housemates got their coins from the success of last weeks task. 16coins! They decided to use their coins on Ben’s photos over Brigitte’s runners (i wonder why=3) and then got a heap of chocolates.

The housemates had doggy talk with Ollie, discussing privately about their fellow housemates. Terri reckons Nobbi is crazy but nice. Travis kinda bitches about Dixie and her behaviour. He also wishes Brigitte would change, since he and her were having some heat between them. Nobbi is funny, although he acknowledges Terri is nice and all, he then relates Terri to a dog breed, then asks Ollie if it looked like his cousin. I found that funny. Good humour 🙂

I miss the daily show tomorrow, which is a shame because there’s also the hypnosis special T_T

However I’m going to be watching The Phantom of Opera, which should be great. A very famous musical! I’ll blog about it laters 🙂