A new day, and we have a new guest in the house. An 11 week old Labrador/Golden Retriever. I’m not very good with dogs but Alice had the privilege of calling the dog. She named the dog Ollie. What a sweet name 🙂

For this week’s task, all the housemates are responsible for training Ollie to be ‘someone’s eyes.’ They have to teach him commands, training, clean up behind him ,all dog things you would do if you had a dog! When Alice took Ollie outside the Diaryroom, all the housemates were so excited! In particular Bianca and Terri, i think they had tears in their eyes.

Nobbi,Renee, Travis and Brigitte were having a chat about who was gonna fight over the dog. Nobbi had already predicted that someone would have arguments about the dog. I found it funny when Brigitte said loudly ‘she (bianca) has a split personality,’ when Bianca was just 5metres away from her. Bianca, like always got angry yay! She confronted them but Nobbi and Renee tell her to calm down. Bianca could tone down a bit about backstabbing, but it’s alright as it is. Drama on Big Brother is good.

Ollie is pretty awesome. He looks so cute! They had 5seconds of footage of him sleeping he was just adorable. Alice had Ollie doe some obstacle course, which had stairs, bridges, tunnels.

There is supposedly some huge prize if they do very well in this task..I have no idea what BB could be giving away. Heck don’t even know the prizewinner’s prize, except the fact it $60 000,thanks to the minds that think alike,Corey and Nobbi.