This episode was much fun to watch. After Zero happily accepted to take part in ‘The Administrative Area of Japan’ or something of those words, Zero finds a way to save all numbers. Lelouch, who knows Suzaku well negotiate certain rules for people to enter the new country. But the crucial part ‘Zero will be exiled from the country’ as well as no killing of numbers made it all easy for Lelouch. Contradiction of legislation and Suzaku was the fail on Britannia’s part. All the Numbers were encouraged to take part in the supposed Japanese Area, so that Lelouch could carry out his plans. Somehow, Lelouch whipped out many Zero costumes (they were probably all made in China) and every number was wearing them. It was pretty fun. ‘We must kill Zero’ That would mean kill everyone!! Now Lelouch can forgot about being Zero, since he degraded Zero to a symbol.