Today was a pretty fun day for the house mates. But ill talk about last night’s grenades ^^!

Nathan, who was first to leave the house said his final words to Renee, then he unleashed the Housegrenade on Travis. This forced Travis to become the ‘Early Bird.’

David who was second to leave said his final words, reassured Terri that she’s cool. Then he threw the housegrenade to Bianca because he thought she was too ‘opinionated.’ Bianca was dubbed ‘Night Watchmen.’

Basically what Travis has to do is wake up when the cockerel crows/calls, make Big Brother his breakfast. In addition to this, Travis is not allowed to go back to sleep for the day. This morning, Travis made BB’s breakfast, but BB is ‘watching his waistline,’ and then suggests to Travis to put less butter on his toast. Bianca’s was pretty much the opposite. She had to make BB’s midnight snack which was toast with milk. Then she is given the chance to tell a bed time story to BB,which she did last night. She told a story about many kids and how they were given a chance to live in a castle by many rules (a metaphor for the BB house no doubt.) Yes. In addition, Bianca must be the last person to bed before sleeping.

Bianca questions her personality after the housegrenade was given to her. She feels that no one in the house appreciates her personality and wants her to change. Terri and Brigitte reassure her that its just a few that really have a problem with it. I hope Bianca doesn’t change. She is fine the way she is.

Rise and shine, around 7:30ish, BB forced all the housemates out of bed to begin this week’s task. Dog barking woke the housemates, and it was the theme of this week’s task. Each housemate had their own Dog House, which they were to remain in until they couldn’t stand it anymore. The last housemate inside their kennel would be rewarded..with something nice..which was revealed on the show today to be a dog! The winning housemate would also be able to name the dog. More rules, such as not lifting the dog house too high so that BB could see them. If so, BB disqualifies.

The task itself was very funny. The fun just escalated when Nobbi decided to prank certain kennels. Nobbi was probably the worst spot, gave up when he had 1 second in the kennel. Then again, he’s restricted to the Kombi and the yard, so cut him some slack. 🙂 Nobbi had fun kicking the dog houses. People getting pissed. THe housemates moved their kennels to their liking. Rory was moving pretty far away from the other housemates, but his legs were able to be seen so he was disqualified.

Nobbi and Rory got pretty creative. Rory went and grabbed the hose to wet the other housemates’ kennels. I thought this was hilarious. Nobbi turned the water on, and away the rain dropped! Most of the housemates copped a soaking, but in particular Travis and Brigitte. Travis was like ‘It’s raining!’ and then Nobbi focused the water onto Brigitte’s Kennel, and she pretty much boomed and cursed Nobbi and Rory. The water was so strong, her dog house was actually breaking.

BB brought out temptation. He tempted housemates into giving up by providing cold coke and jupiter bars, Dixie and Renee’s favourite chocolates, to any housemate who were outside their dog houses. Dixie gave in to temptation. Chomp Chomp. The next temptation came when BB served hot breakfast! Funny. No one fell for this one. Everyone kept soldiering on, whilst the Nobbi Rory and Dixie were stuffing themselves.

Next housemate out of the running was Terri, she was disqualified. The housemates outside their kennels assisted housemates to wear they wanted to go. They were ‘helping’ Brigitte move. Terrir kicked Brigitte’s kennel a few times and moved the roof, since it was loose. Yes, Brigitte kinda blew up, but still stayed in her kennel. Time for prank number 2! Nobbi got some prawnheads, and shoved them into Travis’s kennel. I totally blew up in laughter. Haha XD Anyway I forgot who gave up after this stage. More temptations came from Big Brother, such as hotchips at chicken salt. Obviously Nobbi and Rory were reaping the benefits of giving up/being disqualified. Rory was up to no good, blocking people’s way, such as putting a chair next to Ben’s kennel.

Renee gave up sometime, then Bianca. SO basically a battle between Alice, Brigitte and Ben. Brigitte gave up, then it was a 1v1. Nobbi wanted to settle this quickly so he told the two remaining dogs to guess a number cloest to his number to decide the winner. Both refused. Both soldiered on.

In the end, Ben gave up and Alice was dubbed ‘Top Dog.’

More funny things about the task. During Live streaming, the housemates were talking about how there were no cameras inside the dog houses and that the boys could jack off inside, without anyone knowing. I’m pretty sure no one did that…I hope not at least. Then there was the issue of doing to the toilet. There was a drain near the swing that the housemates used to expel their liquids. Gross!

The daily show was pretty good in their camera work. On the kennels, the housemates had their audition photos and other photos. These photos were pretty funny to look at. Especially Travis’s. When the talked to each other between doghouses, the camera would switch between their funny, retarded faces on their kennels. Just really funny.

That’s about it from me. I thoroughly enjoyed their task today. Just a spectacle. Can’t wait what BB has installed.