Episode 6 leads off after 20 and his crew have stolen the ‘Clock of Three Magi.’ If you don’t want to see our heroes die…I advise you to stop watching now. However if you wanna see what happens, keep reading ^^!

There wasn’t much to this episode except fight scenes,shoot offs, and killing. 20 and his crew head off to a trainstation for their escape. The dirigible was just a decoy! So the police wasted their time chasing it down. However, Tiger and his crew..including Angie know what 20 is up to. Didn’t I say she was evil,

20 did a few things before leaving the town. He exchanged the ‘Clock of three Magi’ for information that is unknown to us!

Anyway, lets just skip to the part when everyone’s on the train. The trains departing. Tiger and his crew quickly jump on the train. The detective hired Mikamo also jumps on the train. Events of bloody fights unfold now. Chizuko Yasu first encounters Tiger and crew. Yasu gets shot, so she tries to run but is caught. She is shoved into a room with Angie! And guess what she has… an axe! Angie did her business with Chizuko while Tiger and crew went off to kill everyone else. Angie told Chizuko that she was getting close to her to know about 20’s movements. Oh knows! Angie attempts to kill Chizuko, but being very agile, Chizuko dodges every attack.

Meanwhile, Tiger and crew have engaged with 20’s crew, who have been happily eating dinner. 20’s crew is heavily disadvantaged due to the fact they weren’t ready. Pretty much, everyone in 20’s crew die except Skipper, Ken and Muta. Ken does his throwing stuff, pew pew! They slowly retreat! As they retreat, Skipper gets shot, and he Kamikazis going down with two of Tiger’s men.

The fight between Angie and Chizuko moves outside the train as Chizuko escapes out of a window, but still hangs onto the outside of the train. Chizuko tries really hard to hold on. Angie finds her way outside and throws her axe, just narrowly missing Chizuko. Angie advances to do the final kill! As usual, Chizuko dodges like a professional, but is left hanging on the side of the train. Angie tries again and misses, digging the axe into the roof of the train. Then some hard gust of wind passes them, putting Angie off balance. She tries to hold on the axe for her dear life but the axe is giving up. Angie has no hope and she then flies into the distance, she puts her hand out for Chizuko to grab(they are still friends..somehow) but…fail.

Chizuko gets back into the train, to find everyones pretty much dead. She finds Muta lying on the wall of the train, wounded. She quickly attends to him. One of Tiger’s men, is lieing close to dead on the floor but still has power to shoot his gun. Muta, takes the bullet for Chizuko. Yes very sad. There’s a few seconds between them two before Muta dies. Wahwah!

Chizuko goes on finding people. Tiger has 20 trapped in a room, and he asks him to join him. 20 refuses, kick flips Tiger’s gun and shoots him. Yay! 20 goes to find Chizuko, and they meet up yay. Chizuko has a big cry. What you weren’t expecting was Tiger to commit suicide with some rocket. I don’t get this but, 20 pushes Chizuko back into the other carriage, and his carriage blows up…why didn’t he save himself? Weird.

Pretty much, only people alive are Chizuko and Ken…and this is making more sense now. In the opening theme, they focus on Ken for like 3 seconds, and like no one else. Ken’s probably gonna be Chizuko’s guardian, unless Chizuko is caught and goes back to her uncle and aunty. I can’t wait for the next episode to see what happens. Will they remake the gang? 20 was mentioning about making another ‘20’ to succeed him and carry on with his legacy of making people live in equality and what not.